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Timemelters strategy adventure on the Deck

timemelters strategy adventure game expands linux steam deck support via windows pc

Timemelters strategy adventure game expands Linux Steam Deck support via Windows PC. Thanks to further details and commitment from developer Autoexec Games. The game is already available via Steam with 91% Positive reviews.

Autoexec Games’ time bending action-RTS hybrid Timemelters is in Early Access. While allowing the developers to expand on the game’s scope. Such as a Challenge Mode that offers extra replay value. Along with solid voice acting, language options, and more playable characters. Along with Steam Deck controller support now.

Hello, quick follow-up here. Now that the game has full controller support, we will be trying to optimize it for the SteamDeck within the next few patches. We’ll keep you posted about our progression in the upcoming weeks.

This is from the Timemelters recent Comment via Steam. Since we already have solid Proton support. Those who own the Linux powered Steam Deck can expect official controller support in upcoming patches.
Development is using Unity 3D, so there is still a chance a native build is coming. But since Timemelters is still in Early Access, at least we have Proton, for now.

TimeMelters Trailer

Missing a good old linear experience – that isn’t repetitive – with a great storyline and original game mechanics? TimeMelters may be the game for you. You can start playing the Story Mode at 5pm (solo or with a friend). While including some pizza and finishing it around 3am. A perfect game night playing co-op. There is also another 10 hours of gameplay time with the Challenge Mode.

Created by the co-designer of Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves. TimeMelters brings you to a mythical land of dreams and nightmares. One where witch trials seem the only answer to the abnormal forces threatening the land.

TimeMelters is a strategy adventure game features a unique game mechanic: Time Travel. Since this allows players to go back in time and fight alongside themselves. You play as Teagan, a witch whose powers were just recently unleashed by an unwelcome guest. Now, you must venture forth in an effort to cleanse the countryside. Due to get rid of the evil that is corrupting it. Available on Steam with Proton support for Linux via Windows PC. Priced at $19.99 USD / £16.75/ 19,50€.