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Utah map releases for American Truck Simulator

utah map releases for american truck simulator on linux mac windows pc

Utah map expansion releases for American Truck Simulator on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Since SCS Software proudly announces the release. Available now on Steam.

The latest American Truck Simulator extension live. While opening up the beehive state in the Utah map expansion.
As part of the release celebration. American Truck Simulator also has a Free weekend. So that all Steam account owners can play the game for free until 06:00 PM UTC, Monday 11, 2019.

Getting into Utah map soon will offer players a nice little gift too. A Bee cabin toy to accompany them on their travels. SCS will publish the “how to get the bee” guide shortly. But the developer is going to leave a few days to those curious souls. Since there maybe some willing to find a way to get the Bee by themselves.

American Truck Simulator – Utah map DLC

Welcome to “Beehive” State. Visit the great Salt Lake City. ALso the tourist favorite Moab or historic St. George cities. And see how rich the Utah map local architecture and lifestyles. Also venture into crude oil digging sites in remote areas. Away from the urban noise. While you enjoy the challenges hauling crude oil has to offer.

A completely new approach to the creation of rock and other natural formations. The games tool and asset library has been vastly improved. While offering the best to date representation of real references. Expansion of existing industries via the new Utah map. Such as company docks or cargoes. Likewise, look forward to visiting agricultural stores. Also improved car dealers and a new feed mill. Plus a heavy machinery service or a set of new warehouses!


  • 3.500 miles of road network
  • 10 major cities (Salt Lake City, St. George, Moab)
  • New quarries and mines in Utah map. Including the largest open excavation Kennecott Copper Mine
  • Expanded oil industry (oil mining sites, oil storage sites)
  • Improved agriculture production chain (country stores, feedmills)
  • Famous landmark sites: Great Salt Lake, Monument Valley, Virgin River Canyon
  • Over 260 recognizable natural and man-made landmarks
  • 12 well-known truck stops
  • New and improved process of landscape creation
  • Utah achievements to unlock

American Truck Simulator Utah map expansion is out via Steam. Priced at $11.99 USD, € 11.99, £ 8.99. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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