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Wrongworld surreal survival game New Biomes

wrongworld surreal survival game new biomes in linux and windows games

Wrongworld surreal survival game gets new biome on Steam Early Access . The games only available for Windows as we speak.
However, since we have new biomes, beasties and forbidden craftables of mystery. Well what better time to reach out for Linux confirmation support. You know, since the games also very well rated on Steam too.

Radioactive Rabbits and Clucking Aliens touch down on Wrongworld. You know the feeling: It’s Sunday, the kids are rampaging around the house destroying everything in sight. The fridge is void of food, and, typically, it’s sunny outside. So this means that the spouse looks to you expectantly. Since they await to see what kind of entertaining plan you’ll devise. And, as always, you’re all out of ideas…

Linux release:

“I’d love to get a Linux build of the game up and running as soon as possible. The Linux crowd were very supportive of the game as it was going through Steam Greenlight (and ever since, to be fair), and I’ll always be grateful for that! As a one-man team, I’m always struggling for time, and that’s probably the only real hurdle at the moment.
However, the game’s been made in Unreal [Unreal Engine 4], and, from what I can gather, compiling for Linux is relatively straight forward. I just need to figure out installing Linux on one of my test machines and then throw myself into the development/compiling part.”

So this is some positive news. While not a specific release date. It seems we will have a full release coming soon. Since we now have those new biomes, beasties and forbidden craftables.

“I’m hoping for Wrongworld to leave early access reasonably soon. And I’m going to try my best to have the Linux version ready by then. Even if it isn’t quite ready in time for leaving early access, it won’t be far behind.”

There you have it, a Linux release is coming soon. Therefore, stay tuned for further details.

So are ready take a trip to the Radioactive Biome? Snag a few glowing chunks of Uranium? Craft yourself a Nuclear-powered vacuum cleaner? Fun for all the family!*

*Fun not guaranteed. Death may occur.

Not for you? Okay. Maybe mosey on down to the Alien Biome and say “hello” to the natives. So keep an eye out for those bitey secondary mouths they hide inside their regular mouths. Oh, and try not to get covered in acid.

Wrongworld Survival Trailer (Windows, and soon Linux)


  • Survival – With a powerful need to eat, you’ll need to find food to stand a chance at surviving Wrongworld. Forage, hunt, farm and cook to keep your hunger at bay.
  • Combat – As well as being a bit of a technological whiz, our furry little hero also happens to be a student of the martial arts. Pretty handy, too, as he’ll encounter a range of rather violent natives here on Wrongworld.
  • Crafting – Gather resources from across the land, kit yourself out with awesome gear, and build yourself an epic new home. From basics like campfires, simple tools and cooked meals all the way to jet packs, magic potions and maybe even a replacement rocket ship.
  • Exploration – Explore every nook and cranny of your abstract surroundings to unearth the many secrets hidden around Wrongworld. Huge, randomly-generated worlds means it’s different every time you play.

Still not tickling your fancy? How about slipping on your wellington boots and heading out for a child-friendly squelch around in the Swamp Biome? Kids love that stuff! But if you see a fat-headed figure in the distance violently wielding a spatula, it’s probably a good idea to pack up your things and call it a day.

Steam release:

So the full release for Wrongworld is coming soon to Steam, priced at $14.99 USD. While there is no release date, we do have new biomes in the survival game. Also, that Linux support seems very plausible. So overall… positive news.

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