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Chivalry 2 first person slasher to see Deck support

chivalry 2 first person slasher game would love to see linux steam deck support via windows pc

Chivalry 2 first person slasher game would love to see Linux Steam Deck support via Windows PC. All due to a developer comment from Torn Banner Studios. Currently available with a nice discount on Steam and Humble Store.

Torn Banner Studios is an indie video game developer based in Toronto, Canada. The creators of the award-winning multiplayer hit, Chivalry 2. Which is also the sequel to the genre-defining medieval first-person slasher, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (discounted 80% on Steam). Since Chivalry 2 first launched worldwide in 2021. Torn Banner Studios has released numerous big content updates. Due to support for its growing community. Such as introducing brand new 64-player Team Objective maps. Including game modes, weapons, quality of life updates, and more. But it seems the only thing missing is Linux. Since the previous game offered native support. Although there were some buggy moments. But if you have yet to read the details, Steam Deck is a keen interest.

The team would love to see the game on deck.

You can see the Steam forum post, if you haven’t already. Plus, Chivalry 2 is also developed in Unreal Engine 4. A game engine that does offer native support for Linux. Which should work on Proton, but sadly, no. A huge let-down for many. But at least we have hope for Steam Deck support. Despite SteamDB not showing any changes, yet. But keep that Tux Love going.

Chivalry 2 – Out on Steam

Chivalry 2 introduced a 64-player Team Objective map in March 2022. Which comes complete with new playable Druids and the Highland Sword weapon. Not to mention a variety of new gameplay mechanics. Including pig stealing, and weaponized bees. Chivalry 2 has gained wide praise from players and critics alike. Including awards for Best Multiplayer Game of 2021 from PC Gamer, one of the Top Games of the Year from So keep an eye on the Roadmap.

Chivalry 2 Standard Edition MSRP is priced at $39.99 USD / €39.99 / £34.99. But curently discounted 40% on both Steam and Humble Store. Such a huge tease with the hope of seeing Linux Steam Deck support, at least for the Windows PC build.

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