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Close Encounters new expansion announced

close encounters new expansion for two ponit hospital announced in linux mac windows pc games

Close Encounters is the new expansion announced for Two Point Hospital in Linux, Mac and Windows PC games. Thanks to SEGA and developer Two Point Studios. Available for pre-order on both Steam and Humble Store.

Two Point Hospital‘s new expansion Close Encounters. Due to release on Steam on August 29, 2019. Which is also priced at $8.99 USD. While available for pre-purchase now. Including an early adopter discount of 10% until September 5th, 2019. Players will also be able to buy the ‘Retro Items Pack’ from August 29th, priced at $3.99 USD. And similarly this includes 27 new in-game items. Check in on the latest news with Harrison Wolff. As he reports (even more) unusual and suspicious activity in Two Point County.

In the south of Two Point County there are reports of aliens. And it seems like they have crash landed. But there is no hard evidence of a UFO to prove this story. Therefore, citizens all over the county are affected. While suddenly suffering from peculiar space illnesses. Such as Science Friction, Highly ill-Suited and Aller-Gs.

Two Point Hospital Close Encounters DLC Reveal (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

While The Two Point government is trying to cover up these sudden outbreaks. As a result, they are building a secret base to cure afflicted patients. But citizens have mysteriously gone missing. Could it be alien abduction?
To ensure the healthcare system of Two Point County. Making sure it thrives during these curious incidents. Players will need to complete special objectives. Before storming towards Chasm 24. The mysterious top-secret underground facility. Which also has an unknown location. So good luck with that adventure.

While playing Two Point Hospital Close Encounters new expansion. You’ll have to tackle a whole range of new administrative challenges. And likewise, demonstrate your ability to build and cure. As well as improve to achieve hospital management greatness.
This time all sorts of alien species are there to help. Or make things worse. In Close Encounters you’ll find three new unusual hospitals. All in different locations. With 34 new illnesses appearing (including 11 visual illnesses). And also three new cure rooms, as well as new challenges and features. Likewise, you get to see the aliens. Above all, make sure to look after your cows.

For more information about ‘The Retro Pack’ and Close Encounters. Which is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Pre-order on both Steam and Humble Store.
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