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Coming to Linux and Mac – Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2

Coming to Linux and Mac - Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2

Hello Games has announced the soon to be released Linux and Mac versions of Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie. The new versions of the action #platformers will have the same features as the Windows versions, including enhanced graphics options and #Steam features such as leaderboards , ghost data and sharing levels through #Workshop . #JoeDanger2 includes special extras like a Minecraft environment for building levels, Steve as a playable character, the full Team Fortress 2 merc roster as playable characters, and an Ultra Hard PC Challenge for those who want to test their abilities.

“We’ve always been asked when Joe Danger would release on Mac and Linux, and we got even more interest when we released it on PC,” said Hello Games founder Sean Murray. “Since Joe is finally free of all exclusivity agreements, and with Steam so broad and open, we could finally make them happen.

“I’m also really excited about what being on Linux in particular means for Joe Danger,” Murray continued. “Joe Danger is at home in the living room, so it seemed a brilliant fit when Valve revealed Steam Machines and Steam OS. The PC versions of Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 are basically the ultimate versions of the games, so it’s fantastic that Steam OS will mean they’ll be played on big TVs as well as on desktops.”

Both games will include the same features, including enhanced graphics options, Steam Workshop support for sharing user-designed levels, Steam Cloud saves, Steam Big Picture and controller support for playing on living room TVs, and seamless sharing of ghost replays.

Also included is the new Ultra Hard PC Challenge, which unlocks each game’s hardest level so you can experience the soul of Joe Danger from the off, as well as Joe Danger 2’s special extra PC content: a Minecraft environment you can build levels in plus Steve as a playable character, and the full Team Fortress 2 mercs lineup, including the Spy and Heavy.

The best-­‐selling Joe Danger, originally released on PS3 in June 2010, is Hello Games’ debut game. Bright and colourful but packing a real kick of a challenge, it was inspired by the games its four creators played as kids: Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Paperboy et al. With 50 levels to beat and a complete level editing mode, it went on to win awards and charm reviewers.

Joe Danger 2: The Movie was released on PS3 and 360 in autumn 2012, and added all the things that Hello Games dreamed the original Joe Danger could be and a bit more. Far grander in scale, it features movie-­‐themed levels in which Joe dodges dinosaurs, infiltrates villains’ bases and punches criminals while riding one of loads of different vehicles, including jetpack, unicycle, minecart and skis, as well as his classic stunt bike.


  • Brand new levels and content
  • Enhanced graphic options
  • Mouse, keyboard and gamepad support
  • Steam Workshop integration for sharing levels
  • Full Steam Big Picture Mode support
  • Ghost recording and Steamworks integration for online ghost challenges

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