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Crumbling World new action RPG coming 2020

crumbling world new action rpg coming 2020 for linux mac windows pc

Crumbling World is a brand new action RPG coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to confirmation from developer Dume Arts. Due to release on Steam in the new year.

Crumbling World is announced with a brand new free alpha demo. Which works via Wine on Linux. But there are also some rendering issues with the Itch build. So I cheated and used Crossover. Which works. Therefore, my suggestion, use PlayOnLinux to run the games .exe file. Which should give you a chance to dive into the rich fantasy. And also explore some early levels. So take note of the “control” settings.

Players can gain instant free access to the Crumbling World alpha via the game’s website. Since this sets the scene for the dark fantasy action RPG. Due to release next year on Windows PC and Mac. But after a brief Twitter exchange, Linux too.

Crumbling World takes place in an evil, slowly decomposing land. As humanity is driven to corruption, aligning with dark forces for survival. So it’s up to you to make your way through each level. As you work to bring back the age of light. Just make sure to do so before the world crumbles beneath their feet.

In this early alpha demo. You will make your way through number of the procedurally generated stages. These are all taken from the opening of the game. Where you take control of Mathos, the Knight. Just one of the five classes available when the game launches in 2020. And also… be sure to watch your step.

Crumbling World Trailer

But due note, there will be an updated beta demo. Although not available for the action RPG until early 2020. This will highlight the addition of the “crumbling” mechanic. Where the world will actually decompose beneath your character’s feet. And backtracking will not always be an option. Since the Crumbling World will vanish.


  • Choose between 7 characters, spanning 5 different classes
  • Do battle in Crumbling World. There are over 40 types of unique enemies and bosses.
  • Explore 5 crumbling procedurally generated regions.
  • Three difficulty levels – pick which suits you best, or battle through all three to prove your worth.
  • Engage in hack & slash inspired real-time combat.
  • Fully customise your character build with flexible skills and upgrades.

Crumbling World will launch on Steam in 2020 with a full story mode. Therefore, you can expect 7 playable characters. Playable across 5 different classes and 25 procedurally generated stages.

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