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Dead Dungeon hardcore platformer release date

dead dungeon hardcore platformer release date for linux mac windows

Dead Dungeon is a hardcore 2D platformer for Linux, Mac and Windows has a release date on Steam. While taking in the traditions of classic games, with an excellent chiptune soundtrack. The game will also check your nerves for strength and bring on a lot of craziness, launching November 12th.

So here’s the story, players take on the roll of the main character. One who also has a carefree life until the villain has deprived you of candy. Taking the souls from every living thing. So now you have to go to a hard journey to bring back all the souls. And also the candy from the mysterious dungeon.

Dead Dungeon hardcore platformer Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Challenging gameplay
    Gradually increasing complexity and learn to play without annoying tutorials, only with the help of game design – as in the good old days.
  • Simple and beautiful graphics
    A simple graphic style will be pleasing to the eye, and square sprites will liked by fans of square sprites.
  • Great soundtrack
    The Original Chiptune soundtrack, created specifically for this game by the author HateBit famous for the game Dungeon Escape and others.
  • Supports all popular gamepads
    The game supports all popular controller and features, such as vibration and lighting. You do not need to edit any settings – just run and play.
  • Riddles and Easter eggs
    Riddles and Easter eggs will make the game even more interesting and mysterious.
  • Old-School feeling
    The game has absorbed all the best of the classic games with the support of modern technology for the best sensations from the game. The game supports ultra-wide monitors 21:9 and 4K resolution.

Since Dead Dungeon gameplay looks somewhat similar to that of Super Meat Boy. I’m actually eager to see where the game will take players. Every level a unique adventure as in the classic platformers. But how hard is this hardcore game?

Release Date:

Dead Dungeon 2D hardcore platformer is coming to Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Launching on November 12th, but we are waiting on price confirmation. Although I can’t expect it will be much more than $15 USD.

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