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Drift Into Eternity survival gets native

drift into eternity survival gets native linux mac windows pc support

Drift Into Eternity the first person survival game get Linux support, beside Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing work of developer We Are Bots. Which is available now on Steam, including a native demo.

The reviews for Drift Into Eternity are holding steady at 76% Positive. While being being a positive note for Linux. The game actually released back in 2016. So it’s a pleasure to see We Are Bots keeping to their plan. While pushing through for full Linux support.

“The Linux version of Drift Into Eternity is not stable yet. It just does not work for 99% of Linux/Steam users right now.”

This is from a recent email reply. However developer We Are Bots are working on a patch. Hoping to stabilise the game.

Drift Into Eternity is a futuristic survival game. Where you play a crew member of a distressed spaceship.
While drifting in the middle of nowhere. You are also far from any civilisation. And there is no hope of rescue. So you’re alone. We’re talking desperately alone.
But hopefully you can find a way to survive. Since you are trapped within the remaining ship.
And seeing as how the craft is falling apart. You will have to struggle to maintain vital functions. And also cope with your own survival. While a code strangled AI is tries to help you through Drift Into Eternity.

Explore, salvage and pay attention. Also make good use of the different modules of the ship. Fixing whatever crazy situation you encounter.

Drift Into Eternity Gameplay Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)


  • Enter a cold, stark, silent ship, drifting in an asteroid field. Its hull slowly being hammered by all sides. And its atmosphere being poisoned by its own toxic fuel released during the accident. While its vital functions die out one by one.
  • Explore and chart the ship for materials to repair its many devices. Food and water to prevent starvation. Try to keep your morale up to avoid fatal depression.
  • Repair the many damages slowly tearing apart the ship. So be sure to close the breaches and repair the many devices. Fight the many electrical fires in Drift Into Eternity. Cleanse the corrosive and lethal atmosphere slowly infiltrating the hull.
  • Use the help of a sarcastic AI. While you gather the mandatory knowledge of your surroundings.
  • Study, craft, research and upgrade your tools. Improve your chances of survival.
  • Take care of your diseases and wounds fast. Since you don’t want them to hinder your progression. Or put an end to it!
  • Minimal hand holding, you’re the one trying to beat Drift Into Eternity. There will only be hints on the very basic mechanics. Learning and progressing is all up to you.

Gameplay is meant to be difficult and challenging. You will struggle and fail often. But hold on tight, exploration, observation and pay attention. You’ll find a way to survive each time a little longer.

Drift Into Eternity now has Linux support. The games also available for Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $19.99 USD on Steam.

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