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Drift Into Eternity survival now has native support

drift into eternity first person survival linux support mac windows pc

Drift Into Eternity (D.I.E) first person survival now has full Linux support beside Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer We Are Bots. We now have an official native release on Steam.

Drift Into Eternity is an immersive First Person Survival Game. As a player, you are trapped in a wrecked ship. Therefore is your struggle to stay alive. Also repair the damaged systems and close the many hull breaches. Try to hold up against thirst and hunger. While keeping up your morale.
Along the way, these struggles will help you figure out what happened. And if there’s a chance of survival. Otherwise, it will just be a matter of when you’ll die. Observe, study, explore… and maybe you’ll linger on.

The native Linux release now has official support.

“Development build” is now off on LINUX version (and hopefully it’s stable)

In Drift Into Eternity you and the rest of the crew are part of a scientific expedition. Heading to Viridia, a planet far away from your home system. Expecting to collect some samples and come back. But your ship TheWanderer IV crashes into a rift during the landing procedure. So taking off or calling for help is no longer an option. Since the ship takes heavy damage. You have to settle there, survive, and hope that someone will rescue you.

Drift Into Eternity Gameplay Trailer

Drift Into Eternity (D.I.E) gameplay is about the “fail is fun” concept. As a result, a classic playthrough leads to numerous deaths. This gives you the chance to learn the best way to deal with this scenario.
Besides the basic information, tutorials are apart of the environment. And they also show up as you progress. This helps you gather knowledge during every playthrough.

Also note, the position of non-generic rooms in the ship are randomly generated. The same goes for the content of any container in Drift Into Eternity. Including the events as they occur. These elements randomise to break any routine. While forcing the player to adapt to each playthrough. As time passes, your chances of survival diminish. So try and die as late as possible.


  • Explore the ship
  • Repair the damages
  • Investigate and maintain different functional systems
  • Beware of injuries & illnesses
  • Search the ship for improvements, technologies to develop, and unique items
  • Adapt to your environment and find different technical paths to survive
  • Half of the rooms are randomly generated. So every game gives you a new environment to explore

Drift Into Eternity design will immerse the player. Since you are lost and alone in a huge spaceship. Try it for yourself. The games has official Linux support beside Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $19.99 USD. And of course available now on Steam.

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