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Half Life 3 Release Clarified by Developer

There have been too many speculations and rumours that have failed to bear fruits regarding the game Half Life 3 causing the development of the game to be a joke around the blogosphere. It was only until Boss Studios released the #SurgeonSimulator 2013 when fans witnesses the ultimate evidence that Half Life 3 is in developments.

A #sticker resembling Half Life 3 was spotted at the bottom of a #TeamFortress2  figuring proves to be just enough to blow fans away. Surgeon Simulator 2013 co-creator immediately denied this speculation calling it to be a mistake on the development. His statement failed to convince the strong fan base for Half Life’s third title.

There have been massive talks and discussion that even Valve thought it could be true. The game developer contacted Williams to clarify if there is already a release date for Half Life 3.

Just recently in October, Valve was reported to have filed a trademark for Half Life 3 although the rumours got discredited. It proves to be more of a hoax to build on the hype rather than anything with credibility. It is already nearing a decade since the Half Life 2 got released. The 10 years wait from its fans is something for a game developer to be proud of but there is still nothing official on what is to come.

Last year, voice actors were upon for the game’s development but it was reported to be much of a failure. This was already confirmed by the actor, John Patrick Lowrie who responded to the rumours claiming the development is still stagnant as there were difficulties with motion capture for the characters.

Until something of concrete is reveal, there is no telling if Half Life 3 is being developed.

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