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Horizon Chase Turbo arcade racer launch date

horizon chase turbo arcade racer launch date for linux mac windows games

Horizon Chase Turbo the arcade racer has an official launch date on for Linux, Mac and Windows. So players will be able
to race around the globe. Since developer Aquiris reveals a May 15th worldwide release date via Steam.

The multiplayer arcade racer is a lovingly-crafted tribute to retro classics. While pitting racers against each other in high-speed, head-to-head action. All on spine tingling tracks from around the world.

Horizon Chase Turbo is also a standalone homage to classic 16-bit racers. Since they defined a generation of high-speed, frenetic arcade fun. The game ignites an instant blast of nostalgia. While featuringh catchy contemporary chiptune music. Even split screen multiplayer and retro design with modern gameplay.

Horizon Chase Turbo – arcade racer Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Horizon Chase Turbo also delivers neck-break speed and original gameplay. So this means tight controls, new features and an update in content design. All specifically to highlight the nostalgic feel of classic racers. But also keep that next-generation technology. The game marks a resurgence of couch co-op. Where up to four players can compete in multiplayer campaigns. So this means intense tournaments and endurance trials. And of course racing around the globe.

Although there’s a deep and extensive single-player mode, Horizon Chase Turbo uses split-screen multiplayer modes to create a magical local multiplayer experience.


  • Thrilling arcade racing game, inspired by Outrun, Top Gear, Lotus Turbo Challenge, and others
  • Modern high-quality graphics and UI
  • Amazing old-style singleplayer, local multiplayer, local co-op and shared split screen up to 4 players
  • Music by Barry Leitch, Sound Designer in 90s racing classics such as Top Gear and Lotus Turbo Challenge, among others
  • Tons of content: 12 Cups, 48 Cities, 109 tracks, 31 Unlockable Cars and 12 Upgrades
  • Challenge your friends in an Online Competitive Ghost Mode
  • Make History by adding your name among Friends’ Leaderboards

Launch date features for Horizon Chase Turbo will include a world tour campaign, intense tournaments, endurance challenges and more than 31 vehicles across 109 tracks, spanning real-world locations, such as China, Japan, Hawaii and more.

Steam launch date:

Horizon Chase Turbo will be available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows for a MSRP of $19.99 USD.

For more information, please visit,

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