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Hyper Knights slash and dash launches [Linux]

hyper knights slash and dash launches on linux in steam games

Since developer #Endles Loop Studios posted the #release of Hyper Knights in the mix of Steam games. The dash and slash title maintains support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence the creator of Blueprint Tycoon, Game Corp DX and the Survivor Squad series. Now the game launches with a full release via #Steam.

So gameplay has players raising an army, learning powerful combos to take back the land. Therefore we are pleased a full release is now available. Since the successful Greenlight campaign in January followed by the Early Access debut. Hence only three months of EA development and now the game officially launches. Endless Loop Studios is living up to the defined May 2017 release.

Therefore everything promised in the Early Access roadmap is feature complete. Endless Loop Studios seems to work that magic to makes games that do well on Steam.

Hyper Knights Development Features:

  • Many more maps * DONE
  • More combos * DONE
  • Node defense * DONE
  • Knight AI upgrades * DONE
  • Knight attributes and skills * DONE
  • Special linear missions that randomly spawn * DONE
  • More complexity for map objectives (raiding a castle with catapults/trebuchets)
  • Steam Achievements * DONE
  • Trading Cards * DONE
  • Cloud saves * DONE
  • Workshop support? Maybe for custom Knight sprites * DONE

So go on, slash and dash your way through hundreds of enemies. Hence the fast-paced skill-based action of Hyper Knights. Try not to get wrecked.

While you progress, you become stronger. Learning new powerful combos to help you on your journey.

So raise that army and recruit allied Knights to join your cause. While command their armies, siege enemy castles, raid their outposts. ambush their convoys and use the loot to build your lands.

Hyper Knights Features:

  • Slash and Dash through your enemies
  • Command hundreds of minions
  • Recruit allied Knights to your cause
  • Upgrade your skills and learn powerful combos
  • Defend your lands from enemy attacks
  • Duel enemy Knights
  • Siege their castles and take back your land!

So Hyper Knights is available now for $4.99 USD on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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