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Kickstarter for System Shock Remake is closer to that Linux and Mac support stetch goal


The upcoming System Shock remaster has surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal. And as of July 10, #funding stands at $934,881. With more than 14,965 people having backed the #campaign, which runs for another 17 days.

For those eager to see what all the fuss is about, you can try the remake: a demo for System Shock Remastered is available on Steam, GOG, and Humble for all.

Marking this demo as “a proof of concept,” according to developer Night Dive Studios. With the understanding that the performance, features and visuals “are subject to change.”

Developer Night Dive is also working on System Shock 3. The news was confirmed back in 2015 and having release short bits of gameplay footage earlier this year. Which looks similar to what playrs can expect to see in the System Shock Remastered‘s demo. Plus Deus Ex and System Shock producer Warren Spector has joined the studio to lead the development of System Shock 3.

System Shock has not been the first game the studio’s remade. Night Dive remastered and released the original Turok late last year for Mac and Windows PC, with plans to remake the sequel as well.

System Shock‘s original developer Looking Glass Studios, while the sequel’s development was a collaboration with Irrational Games. Post System Shock 2, Irrational went on to develop the series’ spiritual successor, BioShock.

In order to get to that Linux and Mac support, the System Shock Kickstarter has to hit $1.1M, a tall order but we are closer than expected.



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