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Kitsune Tails release coming in Q1 2022

kitsune tails release coming in q1 2022 with a new trailer for linux and windows pc

Kitsune Tails release coming in Q1 2022 with a new trailer for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Kitsune Games. All due to arrive  via Steam and

As announced via the Guerrilla Collective. Platformer Kitsune Tails created after beloved classics steeped in Japanese mythology. All while offering deep relationships from developer Kitsune Games. This comes with help from publisher MidBoss, due to blossom in Q1 2022.

Kitsune Tails is a follow up to Super Bernie World, which has more than 300,000 downloads across Steam and Also available for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

Of course there is also have a new trailer debuts footage. Offering up a look at the earth element rice farmer and snow fox outfits’ special abilities in action. Also making its first look, the protagonist’s weak yet adorable fox form. Which serves as one last chance at survival before her death.

Kitsune Tails – Nintendo Switch Announce Trailer

Run, jump, and drill into enemies across five 8-bit worlds. All taking inspiration by Japanese mythology. Master elemental abilities hidden in cute outfits like an earthy rice farmer. All while wielding a powerful jump attack and a snow fox freezing enemies to make new platforms. Power up with stolen skills like a giant rideable boot or a antique samurai spear. Revisit levels with newfound abilities for secrets and side quests. As you unlock the best ending for Kitsune Tails’ queer romance.

Yuzu begins her quest to prove to her kitsune clan. Her extended family of fox people, that her human side won’t stop her from faithfully serving. Also as a divine messenger for the goddess Inari. However, the friendly healer Akko saves the half kitsune hero from a mishap on her first adventure in Kitsune Tails. Planting the seed for a budding lesbian romance with Yuzu. Creating a jealous rival in Yuzu’s childhood friend and member of the kitsune nobility, Kiri.

“Love takes many forms, but one of the things that makes love special is it can be a vehicle for self actualization,” said Emma ‘Eniko’ Maassen, Kitsune Games founder. “Players will need to master outfits and abilities. All to find the hidden story content and unlock the best ending. Along the way they’ll explore the relationships between Yuzu, Akko, and Kiri. Watching the three women grow into better versions of themselves.”

Sign up at the Kitsune Tails Kickstarter page to get notified when the campaign goes live in Q4 2021. Kitsune Tails will release on Linux and Windows PC via Steam and in Q1 2022. Doing in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese.

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