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MageQuit wizard brawler to see support

magequit wizard brawler to see support in linux and windows pc games

MageQuit is a wizard brawler on Windows PC, but we have deals for the games Linux support. Since indie developer Bowlcut Studios announced the games release date. Which also hold Positive reviews on Steam.

MageQuit is a top down area wizard brawler. Due to exit Steam early access on Windows PC this fall. Where gameplay sees up to ten players take the stage. So they can battle it out wizard style. With up to seven spells at your disposal. While using physics as a primary ally. Players must find out if they have what it takes. Controlling the elements, land a perfect game ending blow. Or be forever cursed with a face full of peach fuzz.

MageQuit Linux Support:

“We are using Unity and we do plan to eventually port to Linux. But not necessarily right at launch.
I do know the game works fine using Wine though. As there’s a member of our community who does that.”

Since MageQuit runs at a Platinum level via Proton. The Unity 3D game engine does help make that possible. Which also explains the Linux port. Seeing the Windows PC build does not have a release date.
But at least developer Bowlcut Studios will “eventually” have support. Which makes me laugh. Even though I DO appreciate the confirmation.

MageQuit Early Access Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

As a MageQuit wizard. Players are granted the enchanted glowing D20 staff. While empowering them with unique elemental spells. Those that are used to battle against mage opponents.
Matches can be played with two teams and three teams. Also as a free-for-all every-mage-for-themselves beards-to-the-wall brawl.
While team games, however, present unique opportunities for success. Such as pushing the enemy team off a cliff. Or a classic game of wizard hockey with the highest stakes.

Since MageQuit players must out cast and outwit their opponent. They have to do so while defending against the terrors of the deadly environment. Those are are presented in each stage.
At the start of each round, players draft their spells. So you can add new ones to your arsenal with each new round. With hundreds of spell load out combinations. There should be something to cater to any playstyle.
The spells are dodgeable. So predicting an opponent’s aim and movement is crucial. Button mashers need not apply. Beards grow longer with each kill. Wizards who have manage to grow the longest. As well as most luxurious beard after nine rounds win the match.


  • A New Kind of Brawler: Inspired by various genre hits. Such as Rocket League and Warlock. MageQuit aims to bends the tried and true gameplay elements by adding environmental effects and devastating spells that directly cater to the laws of physics.
  • The Fun is in the Numbers: Eight stages. Thirty-five spells. Over 400 different spell combinations. Up to ten players. It all adds up to an infinite amount chaotic beard-blasting fun!
  • If You Can Dodge a Wrench, You Can Dodge a Spell: With the ability to use physics to your advantage. Players will be able to accurately cast a spell. Control its cast to knock out opponents. Doing so before they even see it coming! Also, players must keep a steady eye on the battlefield. Dodging any shattering blows that an opponent has cast.
  • Beard Envy FTW: At the start of each round of MageQuit. Players choose new spells from the thirty five available before each round. Build a stockpile of mystical powers used to destroy opponents. Harvesting the D20s of those defeated in battle. This will cause their wizard’s beard to grow. The wizard with the longest beard after nine rounds wins!

MageQuit wizard brawler available for Windows PC. You can check it out on Steam Early Access. But will “eventually” get Linux support after launch. Until that time, Proton.

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