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Mushroom Wars 2 RTS now has Linux support

mushroom wars 2 rts now has linux support via steam mac windows games

Mushroom Wars 2 – is a dynamic real-time strategy representation of the MOBA genre. While preserving the classic gameplay mechanics, now available on Linux, beside Mac and Windows. These mechanics made the original Mushroom Wars so good. Mushroom Wars 2 builds upon its predecessor by introducing hero characters. Also including the games complete visual overhaul and reimagine for the storyline campaign. With episodes for each of four tribes. Even wilder co-op and fair competitive multiplayer. Making the game spectacular to stream and watch. While standing out from its strategy game peers on Steam and Humble Store.

Since the games set in a mystical mushroom world. Brave mushroom generals fight for domination. So players can embark on a journey of courage, friendship, quick reactions. While including brain-twisting strategic tasks. With brave hero characters, quaint and unconditionally cute visuals, action-packed short-session combat. So Mushroom Wars 2 is the ultimate experience for fans. Including newcomers to the series.

Mushroom Wars 2 Official Steam Trailer:

Mushroom Wars 2 Features:

  • Online Multiplayer
    Ranked and custom matches in various competitive modes for up to 4 players, including 2v2
  • Story-Driven Campaign
    Over 100 missions complete with boss battles
  • 12 Hero Characters
    From 4 different tribes with unique special skills
  • Massive Short-Session Battles
    With up to 4K troops on the battlefield
  • Simple but Deep Gameplay
    With tons of tactics and skill-based moves
  • Variety of Map Configurations
    And modifiers that influence gameplay significantly
  • Local Multiplayer
    With gamepad support

Mushroom Wars 2 features that immersive, skill-based fair competition gameplay. Also including deep strategy and tactics. Much appreciated by thousands of players. As well as tournament participants of the previous Mushroom Wars series games,” says Andrey Korotkov, Producer of Mushroom Wars 2. “Mushroom Wars 2 will become one of the first RTS games with such eSports potential. Friendly UX, charismatic hero characters, and easy controls. So we hope that all of this will unveil RTS and MOBA genres for many gamers. Including casual players”.

Mushroom Wars 2 is available now for Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam and Humble Store priced at $14.99 USD

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