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Phoenix Point the XCOM style game now on Fig

phoenix point the xcom style game now on fig in linux gaming news

Right now the biggest news in gaming is Phoenix Point crowdfunding on Fig. Hence the new XCOM style #game from the creator of the original X-COM series. All set in a world based, turn-based strategy tactics game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

So to break it down, Phoenix Point is a strategy game in a squad-style. And obviously the combat is a turn-based tactical battle. While completely set in a devastated, future earth where the alien pandora virus has mutated life. Combining themselves with human intelligence.

So due take note that the game’s design focuses on the original X-COM. We’re talking about the Microprose and Hasbro version back in the 1990’s. While taking some inspiration from the Firaxis reboots from Feral as well as the Long War 2.

X-COM: UFO Defense was a fantastic turn-based strategy game created by Microprose in the mid-1990s. Which is still very playable and with Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam. Now, one of the developers Julian Gollop has issued the new Fig campaign for the XCOM style of Phoenix Point. Hence a “spirtual successor” to the game. Just don’t get this series and the excellent series from Firaxis Games mixed.

“We are creating Phoenix Point by taking influences from the famed X-COM franchise,” said Julian Gollop, CEO of Snapshot Games. Who also happens to be the principle designer from the original Microprose title. “We are updating our favorite gameplay features from X-COM titles such as UFO: Enemy Unknown and X-COM Apocalypse. I designed both, and now mixing them with some of the amazing ideas Firaxis Games. All executed brilliantly in their franchise reboots. Creating an entirely new game whose essence lies in the XCOM genre.”

Phoenix Point Fig Trailer (LInux, Mac, Windows):

So the Snapshot Games development team is seeking $500,000 USD. Currently $300,000 USD of that being available through Fig’s unique investment system. While giving individuals a chance to receive returns on whatever they invest based on game sales. Phoenix Point has already been in development for a year. Since Snapshot has a story and art created. As well as a combat system and AI. With a release targeted for Q4 2018 on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

So the real gaming news, how are aliens involved this time around? Players take on the roll of a member from the Phoenix Project. Hence a group of operatives that activate when the world is in trouble. So in this case, the world faces an alien virus that attacks human DNA, nearly wiping out all life on Earth. And those that weren’t killed are either mutated into an alien abomination. Or settled into smaller colonies, some controlled by the powerful factions. And since this is X-COM (and XCOM) games, the players task is to wiping out the alien threat. While also dealing with the human factions and their own motives or plans.
Snapshot’s previous game is Chaos Reborn. The successfully Kickstarted title based on the classic Chaos: The Battle. Hence the Wizards game from 1985. While Chaos Reborn holds a 7/10 rating on Steam.

Fig campaign:

So this is some rather exciting gaming news. Since Phoenix Point is being set for a Q4 2018 release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. If you have to get your pledge for the XCOM style game, now is the time hit the Fig crowdfunding page.

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