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Rise and Shine how to play tips video released – vote Linux

rise and shine how to play tips video released vote Linux

Are Warmongering space aliens ruining your day? So learn how to fight back with these tips for Rise and Shine. Coming January 13th for Xbox One and Steam from Adult Swim Games.

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While gameplay combines elements of #arcadeshooters, #bullethells, and #puzzleplatformers. Hence a skill-testing tribute to everything video games. Injected with just the right amount of humor.

Linux Support?

“Yes, for sure we want to make a Linux and SteamOS version, but being a team so tiny, I’m afraid it probably won’t be for release.
We’ll try very hard, though.”

Then the developer later outlines, “It will only depend on how succesful the game is, really. If we can afford making the game for more platforms, we’ll do for sure!”

So the main reason for the lack of “confirmation” depends on comunity support. Therefore, if we can get enough votes on Steam we will see a native port.

Rise and Shine tips video:

What is Rise and Shine?

A true “think and gun” that combines elements of arcade shooters, bullet hells, and puzzle platformers. Hence Super Mega Team create a new blend of strategy and viscera. Switch between Shine’s add-ons to solve puzzles that redefine what bullets can do. Guide projectiles through intricate mazes, electrify damaged equipment to discover new pathways, and juggle 8-bit fruit because why not?

Prepare to dash flurries of missiles and avoid unseen traps as you fight to prevent its destruction. It’s going to take all you’ve got to stay alive in the face of lethal robot armadas, enormous bosses, giant death wheels, and (of course) brainthirsty zombies.

So do not expect to have a moment’s rest in the game’s brutal and unforgiven combat. Testing your reflexes and wit. Gameplay is reminiscent of the Metal Slug games. While graphics and hardcore action are blending well together. Add in some clever puzzles, Rise and Shine could easily be one of those great indie games.


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