Robot Love Kitty will launch a Free Open Beta Legend of Dungeon: Masters on Linux, Mac and PC


Upsilon Circuit #developers, Robot Love Kitty have launched a free open beta for Legend of Dungeon: Masters. This #sister #game to Legend of Dungeon, adding full fledged audience interaction into the mix, enabling viewers to provide the player with items that will either help or hinder them.

The developers are holding a 40+ hour online streaming marathon of the game in celebration of the open beta. You can see the full streamer schedule on their Twitch channel. Kicking off the event at 1pm EST on Monday, November 30th.

Legend of Dungeon: Masters is a unique game/interface that lets the audience affect live games for the roguelike beat’em’up Legend of Dungeon. As players broadcast the game in real-time on Twitch, viewers can take pity on them, sending glorious blades, potions, and bazookas.. or don’t! Rally with other viewers and laugh evilly as you rain hell on them with beasts, kittens, and demons.

Help or hinder, it’s entirely up to you.


As the player you are delving deeper, looting chest drops, where everyone gets XP, currency, items, and everything needed to interact. Your inventory is not locked to just one stream, so you can freely move between them, leaving chaos or salvation in your wake.

This news also means that Legend of Dungeon will have a new streaming game mode. Owners of Legend of Dungeon can try their hand at this new game mode, putting them at the mercy of their friends. This update for Legend of Dungeon will be out the following day, adding new monsters and special items (including BACON!) to the 150+ existing items already available.
To use the new game mode, players currently need to have a Twitch account and streaming software.



  • Symbiotic gameplay system.  Whether you’re beneficial to the host or a parasite is up to you.
  • Persistent inventory: items in your stash, Stars, and Coins, are useable in any livestream.
  • Free to play, with optional monetization
  • A new kind of asymmetric multiplayer experience when livestreaming Legend of Dungeon. Should you trust your friends to help on the journey to get the treasure?
  • Short messages can be attached to the “gifts” sent in.  sending an Imp?  “it’s Imp-possible not to pun”
  • Plot and discuss with fellow viewers, no chat commands to disrupt the player


About Robot Loves Kitty:

A husband and wife game studio, founded in 2006. Based in New Hampshire, both entirely self taught and self funded, aiming to adventurously make games that we want to play together. Actively supporting the independent game community through events and at one point, lived in a tree house.


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