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Secret Government gets Fourth Major Update

secret government grand strategy gets fourth major content update for linux mac and windows pc

Secret Government gets Fourth Major Content Update for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer GameTrek. The game is available on Humble Store, but also discounted on Steam and GOG right now. And continues to receive Very Positive reviews.

Secret Government is the grand strategy title where you become a leader of a secret cult. Who also manages to change the course of history. Developer GameTrek are now launching its fourth Early Access content update. This update brings a brand new Player Advisor feature. This also gives players all kinds of useful tips and hints. While providing explanations of the current events, and offering suggestions on how to deal with them. This update also improves the way the game sounds and feels. All thanks to the brand new atmospheric sounds that are part of the map.

  • New Feature: Player Advisor – Context sensitive advice to help players deal with in-game events
  • Sound Improvements: Added atmospheric sound FX to the map (wildlife, industry, etc.)
  • Reworked Government Window
  • Performance Optimization
  • UI/UX improvements
  • Bug fixes

Secret Government Trailer

Below is the list of all the main changes that the Fourth Major Content Update brings. Moreover, the final update for Secret Government will add the final touches to the game. And also bring it out of Early Access, now moved to April 8, 2021 instead of March 2021. A full roadmap is available to all players who would like to see what’s planned until the end of the early access period.

secret government grand strategy roadmap linux mac windows pc

Taking place from the 17th century to the contemporary era. Secret Government tasks you with leading a secret group while you spread your influence across the globe. Rewriting key historical events and also deciding the fate of humankind. Manage your resources as you coerce the actions of the world’s leaders. From carefully planting your agents in exposed regions. As you make your way into powerful group of authority. So that anyone can be your pawn as you exploit their resources. Then seize control over key decision makers.

The fourth Major Content Update for Secret Government certainly helps players. Likewise, this also carries over via Humble Store. The game is also discounted 20% on Steam and GOG.

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