Star Conflict gets an Ancestral Heritage update

star conflict gets an ancestral heritage update in linux gaming news

Star Conflict has seen another change in gaming news. The Sci-Fi MMOG by StarGem Inc and Gaijin Entertainment, now allows players to fly two #legendaryspacecraft. Hence the 20th century #SpaceShuttleEndeavour and the Spiral Aerospace System on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While all part of the ‘Space Race’ event. Included in the ‘Ancestral Heritage’ Update. Where players can obtain the blueprints and parts necessary to assemble the famous spacecrafts. With all the distinction of humanity’s early endeavors to explore space.

While the American Space Shuttle Endeavour and the Soviet Spiral Aerospace System are impressive. Hence the visually almost indistinguishable images of their historic predecessors. The space engineers of Star Conflict have introduced significant improvements. Now featuring plasma cannons and special combat modules. Since both spacecraft are dangerous opponents even for the ships common to the fifth millennium.

Spiral Ship video:

So the Space Shuttle Endeavour is perfectly suited for steadfast pilots. While also able to function as a full-fledged Frigate-class warship capable of protecting its allies in combat. Taking advantage of its heavy armor protection. Players can activate the Endeavour’s ‘Phase Demodulator’ module. Which forces enemies to focus their fire on it. While forcing fire away from other team members in the fleet, providing cover during a fight.

Endeavour video:

The Spiral Aerospace System will appeal to all pilots that like to rapidly change their tactics. As the two special modules allow it to function either as a single or two separate spacecraft. So in its unified state, the Spiral is a potent Engineering vessel capable of assisting its allies in various ways. While in its separated state the detached module can, for a limited time, act as a very powerful interceptor. Which is some epic news.

So between April 27 and May 14, all participants of the ‘Space Race’ can earn Xenochips. Hence the Ancestral Heritage includes special missions in PvP, PvE, Co-Op or Open Space battles. Players are able to exchange chips for parts to build and customize the legendary spacecrafts. Wwith weapons and decorative items at the in-game shop. After the ‘Space Race’ event, players will only be able to obtain parts via trade with other players.

So Star Conflict Ancestral Heritage update brings a host of new changes to gaming. Eager players can get into Star Conflict via Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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