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SYMMETRY survival strategy and native support

symmetry survival strategy management and linux support on steam games

SYMMETRY is a survival strategy management game for Mac and Windows. The games set in a retro-futuristic, sci-fi universe. Developed by Sleepless Clinic and published by IMGN.PRO. So we reached out for details on the lack of Linux support.

Linux support:

Symmetry is being developed using Game Maker Studio. For the release you can expect Windows PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One versions. No Linux version (at least for now)”

Since this is somewhat in-line with the Steam Discussions post. Which indicates a solid no. While the reply above shows some hope. Likely meaning a Linux release will not be available for next months launch. But following, depending on the games reception.

SYMMETRY combines an ominous sci-fi storyline with life or death consequences. Also an atmospheric score that sustains the harsh realities. With hand drawn pastel Vector graphics to give the game a feeling of mystery. As well as highlight the severity of the deserted world.

So the main goal of SYMMETRY is to manage a team of survivors. Since their spaceship has crashed on an abandoned planet, light years from help. Where players must help the crew withstand the desolate, freezing cold environment. And unpredictable weather that is unsuitable for human life. While they safely and quickly fix their spaceship and escape.

Since time is of the essence. Everyone’s safety is essential. Life functions are critical. Overseeing resources is vital. One wrong choice, someone dies. Run out of time, someone dies. When one of the survivors die, you also make the ultimate decision. Either dispose of the body or cannibalize it.

SYMMETRY – Bring Them Home Trailer (Windows, Mac, hopefully Linux)

SYMMETRY Features:

  • Gameplay:
    • Race against time while gathering all parts required to repair the spaceship.
    • Survival-management in extremely hostile conditions.
    • Avoid extreme weather conditions and life-threatening supernatural activities.
    • Different needs to satisfy: nutrition, physical condition, and mental health
    • Additional ‘Survival’ endless gameplay mode unlocked once the main mission is accomplished.
  • Replayability:
    • Randomly assigned crew members possess different skills and stories in each gameplay.
    • Implement various strategies to beat the game.
    • Develop new skills like botanics or power plant operations.
  • Plot:
    • Sci-fi setting with a non-obvious storyline.
    • Moral choices: collectivism vs individualism.


  • Art:
    • Unique vector graphics and ambient sound setting.
  • Ominous presence of the Symmetrical World.

Steam and Humble  games release:

SYMMETRY survival strategy is launching on February 20, 2018 on Steam and Humble Store. Which will also be priced at $11.99USD/9.99 EUR/8.99GBP.

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