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Timbertales turn based strategy gets full release

timbertales turn based strategy gets full release for linux mac windows

Timbertales is fantasy turn based strategy for Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam. Also developed by the one man indie studio Rainware, which is also leaving Early Access on Steam with a discount.

While Timbertales takes inspiration from classics such as Battle Isle, Battle of Wesnoth and Jagged Alliance. Move your units throughout an isometric map set in the woods. While you manage up to 15 different animal species. So make sure to craft your army of cute beasts. And get ready for an intense battle in the forest.

Timbertales is an ode to animal welfare”, says Thorben Rackow CEO at Rainware. “We are concerned about the degradation of nature and we wanted to highlight the importance of preserving it among the gaming community”.

Apart from introducing Steam Achievements. The full release of Timbertales also features improved sound and animation effects. Along with a new adjusted game speed. While the game does come with solo and multiplayer modes too. So no matter your choice, for the price point Timbertales offers quite a bit.

Timbertales turn based strategy Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • 2 different races (sylvan or vermin) and 15 animal species
  • Specific story mode
  • Map exploration and unlockable challenges
  • Solo and multiplayer modes
  • Close approach to tabletop turn base strategy games
  • Online rankings
  • Starcraft-like


You can compete with your individual drafted army composition against other players. Since there is a special ranking for ranked games based on an competitive rating.

  • Compete with other players in epic multiplayer battles
  • Create an individual army
  • Gain experience and improve your army
  • Mess yourself with other players in the ranking mode

There are also different races: Vermin and sylvans. Since each race consists of multiple units, which are very unique in look and feel. Some units will also provide some special skills and behaviours.

Full release and discount:

Timbertales turn based strategy is available now on Steam priced at $3.99 USD for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which also has a 15% discount until June 19th.

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