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Captain Soda arena shooter wants you

captain soda arena shooter game wants you for the linux build with windows pc

Captain Soda arena shooter game wants you for the Linux build with Windows PC. According to detail from developer Ray Flower Games. Working to make its way onto Steam.

Engage in refreshing chemical warfare by wielding weaponized soda to defend Earth from waves of invading aliens! Captain Soda is a charming soda themed arena shooter inspired by Super Crate Box.

Captain Soda is also inspired by with Vlambeer’s other games. For the soda theme the idea of “soda weapons” is both unique and cool. Since there were no other games which had any meaningful soda mechanics or themes. This where Ray Flower is taking a great opportunity to make a unique and compelling experience. The development of the project goes back to October of 2020. Although through development Ray Flower is consulting with and mentored by Gabriel Dal Santos Chaves. Who is also the co-owner of Pixel Cows and founder of Pro Indie Dev (PID).

Naturally with this sort of inspiration, we had to ask about Linux via email.

Captain Soda is made using Game Maker Studio 2.
…..if there are enough requests for it then I may make a port for the game.

While hopeful, we still have to share that Tux Love for the game. But Game Maker Studio 2 does make porting the game to Linux (Ubuntu) easier. With the release date still TBD, so we have time to upvote support.
For those eager to test out gameplay, you can do so via Wine. The Captain Soda Alpha Demo build is available on itch.

Captain Soda: Short Gameplay Preview

Customize your loadout of weapons and accessories to gear up. Splatter those aliens in Captain Soda with their one weakness in level after level of intense challenge. Just be careful not to run out of soda and catch yourself thirsty. Refill your stock of bubbly death in Charge and retreat combat gameplay.


  • A unique soda experience — For the first time, play with cool soda weapons. Doing so as you melt aliens in a silly and refreshing game
  • Much more than a Super Crate Box clone — Taking inspiration from the critically acclaimed game. Captain Soda features many more levels, enemies, unique weapons and new mechanics. All due to satisfy your craving for arcade style gameplay
  • Play how you like — Choose from a wide array of weaponry and character enhancing accessories. All due to help you customize your loadout
  • A challenging level-based campaign — Discover challenges and surprises for you to enjoy at your own pace

Captain Soda is a unique arena shooter game. One that is slated for Windows PC, but does offer hope for Linux. Be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam, and also cast your vote.