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Certification hiccups delay Pier Solar HD, again

The release date for Pier Solar HD, the Kickstarted remake of homebrew 2010 #RPG game Pier Solar and the Great Architects, has been pushed back again due to the certification process on its planned various platforms, developer #WaterMelon announced.

“Microsoft already evaluated Pier Solar as well but we failed some internal requirements on the certification and we’re correcting them for the next submission,” the blog post reads. “This also impacts Wii U and PlayStation(s) submissions since we want to send it as clean as possible so that we don’t get another failed certification. Luckily, the process doesn’t take as long as we thought, so the perspectives to getting a release date gets better. As soon as we’re certified on all platforms we’ll announce the date and put it on the street.”

Valve approved the title for sale on Steam in March and WaterMelon may contact some players who registered for beta to test the game on Steam soon. WaterMelon is submitting Pier Solar HD for PEGI rating for release in the European market, which “is slightly more complex than ESRB.” The developer stated that it is also currently working to get a publisher to release the title in Japan that could lead to the title having a publisher for Xbox 360.

The developer’s blog updates also outlines new side quests, save system changes, new music, achievements, battle system, graphic enhancements, the game’s Director’s Cut that features an extended story and more.

In a backers-only update to its Kickstarter campaign in May, the developer announced that it was aiming to launch the game before the start E3 2014 on June 10. The delay was largely attributed to last-minute improvements, features and patching up a few last-minute bugs, along with the game’s ongoing certification process on various platforms. Previously, the game was delayed from its initial launch window of March to April.

Pier Solar HD was funded through a $139,000 Kickstarter campaign in December 2012, pulling in a total of $231,370 in contributions. The title is in development for Android, Linux, Mac, Ouya, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Windows PC and the Sega Dreamcast. A Nintendo 3DS version is a possibility.

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