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Chapter 2 releases Free for Vanguard Princess

chapter 2 releases free for vanguard princess game discounted on linux mac windows pc

Chapter 2 releases Free for Vanguard Princess game which is discounted for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Tomoaki Sugeno and publisher eigoMANGA. Available for Free if you own the Comic Series DLC on Steam.

Vanguard Princess Comic Chapter 2 is now available. Which is also exclusively on Steam. Yet a free installment to the Comic Series DLC. Available during this week, offically starting on Monday.

Comic Series DLC for Vanguard Princess follows the experiments on a mysterious girl. Also triggering a cosmic shock wave throughout the world. While Chapter 2 follows various gifted young girls with special powers. Many of these girls were recruited and militarized. And as a result, help bring in a new era of world peace. They labeled a soldier with these powers as a Vanguard Princess. And the new chapter expands their stories.

Vanguard Princess Chapter 2 titled “J Is For Judas”. Tells the story of a student uprising caused by their school’s decision to erect a statue of a controversial figure.

Vanguard Princess Comic Series (now with Chapter 2)

Chapter 2 expands Vanguard Princess. Expanding the 2D fighting game. Featuring an all-female cast. Since each has their own unique fighting style. The game is also a 10-time #1 best-selling PC (Windows) game on Amazon. So I’m sure there are a few Linux fans who play it as well. And almost all of the content for the game has a 50% discount.

Everything is discounted 50% until February 10th.

Chapter 2 releases Free for the comic book series. Above all, this is an exclusive digital DLC for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Both the comic and game are available through Steam. And as a result, all of the paid content is on sale.

More information on Vanguard Princess is available on the Steam page. Visit the Comic Book Series DLC Steam page.

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