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Craftomation 101 Linux playtest kicks off

craftomation 101 craft automation game releases a playtest on linux mac windows pc

Craftomation 101 craft automation game releases a Playtest on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to for their amazing support and hard work. Available to play now on Steam.

The Playtest drops you onto a frosty, unknown planet with a big mission in front of you. Due to turn this icy expanse into a thriving, liveable setting. That’s the concept behind Craftomation 101. Also the latest interactive craft automation adventure from the minds at This is the same team that gave us hits like while True: learn() and Learning Factory. While continuing to offer native Linux support.

As the Craftomation 101 player, you are not just thrown into this desolate place empty-handed. You also have a robot buddy by your side. This isn’t just any ordinary bot. It’s one that’s entrusted with a task that’s expected to take about 9,000 years. Seems daunting. Thankfully, you’ll find this challenge a lot more achievable in Craftomation 101. Due to the help of the CraftoMates, which are quirky little robotic helpers. Best of all? You don’t need to be a coder to guide them. Since anyone can direct these bots using an easy visual programming system.

Craftomation 101 Gameplay Trailer

Now, here are the features you’ll encounter:

  • CraftoMates: These are more than just cute robots. They’re your workforce. They harvest resources, gather materials, and even craft items. Think of them as your swiss army knife robots that can pretty much do it all.
  • Cargomate: Meet the newest member of the CraftoMates crew. If there’s something hefty to be moved around, Cargomate is your go-to bot in Craftomation 101.
  • Plant Growth: Here’s where the challenge steps up. Plants, crucial for terraforming, now need specific temperatures to thrive. This adds an intriguing twist, pushing you to think and strategize.
  • Moss: A new addition to the plant family, moss likes to hang out near sulfur spots. It’s not just decorative either; it’s key to brewing nutritious drinks for your CraftoMates.
  • Brewery Building: Yep, you heard right! Craft ales that boost your CraftoMates. Some make them move around faster, while others boost their energy storage. Craftomation 101 is not all work and no play, after all.
  • Visual Upgrades: With enhanced visuals, the icy landscapes and bustling robotic activities are more eye-catching than ever.

Craftomation 101 craft automation game is all about taking a barren world and shaping it into something amazing. The game is also not just about collecting and crafting; it’s about strategy, foresight, and creativity. So you can watch the evolution of an ice-capped world into a thriving ecosystem. Since it all takes place under your guidance. So, why wait? Dive into the Playtest on Steam until September 18th, which is free, then experiment, strategize, and watch your new world come to life. Available on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

The full release is due to make its way onto both Steam and GOG.

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