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Crossplay support in Fantasy Strike is now available

crossplay support in Fantasy Strike on linux mac windows pc

Crossplay support in Fantasy Strike for Fantasy Strike on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing works and efforts of developer Sirlin Games. And also available for purchase via Steam.

Crossplay support in Fantasy Strike now across all supported platforms. So Linux gamers can face off against Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4. Not just going head to head with others on Linux, Mac and Windows PC players.
That also means when you’re in the casual or ranked online queues. You will get the benefit of a larger player base. Doing so across all of the supported platforms. You can even directly challenge or spectate any player. As long as they’re on your in-game friends’ list. Regardless of which platform either of you are gaming on.

Fantasy Strike is both a deep tournament game. And also for hardcore genre fans. Not to mention an intro to the genre for noobs. Since the games design centers around making aspects clear and understandable. So when even when playing via Crossplay. The game helps players work their way into strategic gameplay. And doing so as soon as possible.

Crossplay support in Fantasy Strike – Gameplay Trailer

The online play system with crossplay is innovating in this genre. Allowing for one-click challenges from the friends‘ list. The Ranked Mode uses built on the fly tournaments. Since it comes with a team battle system, unlike other games. Creating a maximum variety in character matchups. While network code uses excellent GGPO technology. And as a result, combines with the proprietary latency hiding tech. Which should give you smoother online cross platform gameplay.

Along with the crossplay support in Fantasy Strike. There are is a fix for the menu UI. “The opponent has quit the match” appears while playing a local team battle. Occasionally happening when playing ranked online in bronze league. Plus a fix for an opponent disconnecting. Leaving you stuck in that screen. A useful fix for crossplay.
You can also resume a survival mode online game if it gets interrupted. A similar fix for spectating mode. When a friend rematches an opponent, the game no longer disconnects.

So there a ton of changes and fixes. Not to mention changes for different characters. See the full change log via Steam for more details.

Therefore, if you do not own Fantasy Strike. Check out crossplay support in Fantasy Strike via Steam, priced at $29.99 USD. Play on Linux, Mac or Windows PC. While you connect with Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 players.

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