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Devader releases with day one support

devader twin-stick shoot em up game releases with day one support on linux mac windows pc

Devader is a twin-stick shoot em up game releases with day one support on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Falkenbrew. The game is now available on Steam with a discount.

While some people are more attuned to bullet hell and strategic options. Devader will have you destroying hordes of invaders with guns. Likewise, you have microing turrets and blast large packs of enemies with nukes. The game also allows for different play styles. So it rewards players choosing different paths with multiple endings. More inline with open source, don’t you think?

Devader Trailer 2019

Play this original arcade game. As you fight wave after wave of enemies in Devader. They can be cruel, challenging and ever changing enemies too. So make sure to wield powerful weapons. While you strategize to find the best method to defeat the invaders. And also making sure to protect the core.
Due to the many different upgrade paths to choose from. This gives you a range of endings and secrets to unlock. And playing Devader myself. Gameplay offers a wealth of possibilities and hours of gaming.


  • Intense twin-stick action combined with strategic weapons
  • Over 100 waves filled with complex enemies and old-school bosses
  • Powerful, strategic weapons to choose from
  • Surprise mechanics (not the EA kind, actual mechanics)
  • Tailored upgrade paths enabling different play styles in Devader
  • Various endings and secrets to unlock
  • Feature Creep
  • Online leader board to challenge your friends
  • 4 difficulty levels, from beginner to the insane god mode
  • 19 Endings
  • Adaptive environment
  • Play with mouse & keyboard & gamepad in various combinations
  • Local coop multiplayer with up to 4 gamepads + 1 keyboard/mouse

Since Devader twin-stick shoot em up releases on Steam. The games also discounted 10% until September 9th. Which also brings the price down to $13.49 USD. A small savings, but better than nothing. And of course, the games day one support on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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