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Dwarven Skykeep plans strategy with a port

dwarven skykeep pixel-art strategy game is due to get a linux port with mac and windows pc

Dwarven Skykeep pixel-art strategy game is due to get a Linux port with Mac and Windows PC. Which is the result of the ongoing work of developer Hack The Publisher. Which is building its way onto Steam, soon.

Developer Hack The Publisher have announced that comedy-driven base builder Dwarven Skykeep. Which is due to launch on December 1st on Windows PC. While taking on the role of an esteemed wizard who doubles as the leading expert in the construction of block towers. As a result, players must learn to hire and manage their dwarven employees. Also, feed the workforce beer to keep it satisfied, or risk your tower’s total ruin by goblin hordes. It’s kind of like real life, but with a bit more magic.

Our game is built using open source Godot Engine so once we make sure everything works well Linux build will be available.

There is more good news in the community comment. Dwarven Skykeep is being developed by a Linux user. As you may have read, there is also a primary interest in a native Linux build. Which may or may not result in a day-one release, but fingers crossed.

As players get accustomed to ordering around their budding personnel. They must also build a card deck worthy enough to take on the tests that await in Dwarven Skykeep’s five unique worlds. Learn about the game’s day-night cycle, spells, towers, dwarves, and more in Goblin World. Enter the Shadow World as day turns to night. Then find a source of light to keep your dwarves hard at work.

Dwarven Skykeep – Release Date Trailer


Bundle up for the Winter World and keep your workforce warm with heat-generating artifacts. Towers become trains in Train World, forcing players to burn cards in order to keep their new engines going. Finally, take to the skies in the Dwarven Skykeep and build to your best ability. All while floating among the clouds. Meet and enlist different kinds of creatures. Such as Vampire Dwarves, Polar Dwarves, and even Gnomes. Throughout your adventure and strategize wisely to keep goblin gonks at bay.

Key Features:

  • Charming pixel aesthetic
  • Interconnected game mechanics
  • Hugely replayable
  • Enchanting medieval music
  • Distinct worlds with peculiar oddities

Dwarven Skykeep pixel-art strategy game will launch on December 1st on Steam. While slated to arrive on Mac and Windows PC, we may receive a Linux build. Or not long after the launch. So be sure to Wishlist the game.

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