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Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare support update

freeman: guerrilla warfare support update linux in windows games

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare which we introduced last month is on Early Access, but no Linux support. Since the game engine of choice is Unity 3D, one would expect native support. Well we just received an email from developer KK Game Studio.

So first off, for those who do not know. Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare is a single-player game which features a unique combination of gameplay. Which is a mix of tactical first-person shooter and strategy game. Players also assume the role of a commander and raise money, build an army, engage the enemies in field combat. Attacking hostile territories and defending currently held ones. Ideally to dominate the world.

Linux support update:

“We would like to add Linux port, but not sure about that yet, as now we are more focused on making the game more complete and fixing bugs.”

Since this is solid feedback. But we do not have a solid release time frame. And the development team are working on completing the game and bugs. Which is someone common for Early Access releases. Those that can support Linux but do not. Keeping platform support minimal and also more focus on development itself.
So this means we might have to wait until closer to the full release. Even thought the games already getting Very Positive reviews on Steam. Which would be the most opportunistic time, from a marketing perspective. So share that Tux Love.

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare Gameplay (Windows, no Linux yet)


  • FPS meets Strategy Game
    Start your career with one pistol and 5 soldiers, how would you become the most powerful army in the world? The game is not only about shooting, but also about your career as an army commander.
  • Free-Form Sandbox Game Experience
    Trade with the locals, recruit soldiers, loot villages, fight bandits, attack territories and conquer the world. You are in charge of your own destiny!
  • Epic Large Scale Combat
    Immerse you in really epic battlegrounds of hundreds of combatants. Watch your men charge into enemy lines and spill blood for victory.
  • Commanding an army
    You are not fighting alone. Issue direct orders to your squads during a firefight, taking advantage of the terrain, setting up flanking routes and crush the enemies with the final charge!
  • Realistic Combat Simulation
    Ballistic simulation, detailed environment, realistic sound effects and highly intelligent AI will give you an immersive real battlefield experience.

Steam release:

So even with this latest update, Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare is still only available for Windows. The Steam release is available now, priced at $14.99 USD.

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