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Galactic Ruler space strategy to get support

galactic ruler space strategy game to get support for linux with windows pc

Galactic Ruler space strategy game to get support for Linux with Windows PC. As a result of the ongoing work of developer BattleGoat Studios. Which is available on Steam.

BattleGoat Studios is very proud to announce the release of Galactic Ruler. Which is a new space strategy title from the creators of the Supreme Ruler series. All due to great feedback and help from the community during Early Access. Galactic Ruler now has a full release. But there are plans for Linux support.

…full Linux support should be very achievable.

According to the email reply, BattleGoat Studios are planning what’s next. While keeping a focus on updates, new features, and further support for Linux. The developers are also using their own game engine. While fixing some graphical issues that are due to affect Linux player. At the same time, also still keeping Proton support in their sights too.

Livestream Galactic Ruler Release

Galactic Ruler is unique in offering real-time strategy tactical game. Doing so at both the planetary level and in the vastness of space. From your home world, focus your power on your solar system. All within a custom generated galaxy. The options are endless with choices for galaxy size and system density. While offering a range of alien races to play as or against. Lead your faction in diplomacy or control across a unique galactic map. Since this is where any Galactic Ruler


  • Procedurally generated galaxies, systems, and planets. Due to offer a new and unique ga with each new game
  • Create your own galaxy size and density. Including dozens of systems and hundreds of planets. Since they can all be explored and exploited
  • Develop your planets to gain the resources to grow your empire in Galactic Ruler
  • Research upgrades to your military, social, and economic functions
  • Setup treaties and form alliances with alien factions
  • Trade with other factions to gain goods and weapons. Since this will help support your empire
  • Detailed Real-Time Strategic and Tactical control of your forces
  • Engage in Galactic Ruler
  • Travel from your home planet to forge an empire of colonies. All under your direct control
  • Choose your level of control – Make all choices or use your AI to assist
  • Multiplayer support for up to 15 players

Galactic Ruler space strategy game has a full release on Steam. Along with a Windows PC build, but Linux support is in the roadmap. With a 25% discount, the game is priced at $29.99 USD / £23.24 / 25,49€.

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