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Hand of Fate 2 gets Combat Reforged update

hand of fate 2 gets combat reforged update on linux mac windows

Hand of Fate 2 Combat Reforged update for Linux, Mac and Windows. The renounced dungeon crawler set in a world of dark fantasy. Now with some new improvements, so players can master a living board game.

So the adventure is drawn from a deck of legendary encounters chosen by you. Choose wisely – your opponent, the enigmatic Dealer, will pull no punches. While he shapes you into the instrument of his revenge. But with these new changes, there are some solid improvements.

Hand of Fate 2 Launch Trailer (LInux, Mac, Windows)

Defiant Development just released the latest update to the game, 1.6.0. Which also comes with a whole suite of changes in combat. Batter your foes, unleash the power of your artefacts. With enhanced manoeuvrability with Hand of Fate 2: Combat Reforged.

Hand of Fate 2: Combat Reforged update changes:

Bash Abilities

  • All armours now have Bash abilities
  • Bash abilities charge based on number of Defends
  • While uncharged, Bash causes a brief stun and scales the duration based on the amount of charge
  • Charge resets when a bash is used
  • Improved responsiveness of ‘bash’
  • 5x existing armour cards now have new tokens to unlock to upgrade them
  • 3x existing shield cards now have new tokens to unlock to upgrade them
  • Number of Defends to charge bash degrade in combat, similarly to weapon ability charge

Bash Types

  • Stun Bash: Cause Stun to a single target
  • Stun Blast: Causes Stun to an area
  • Knockdown Bash: Causes Knockdown to a single target
  • Confuse Bash: Causes Confuse, enemies will fight on the player side for a short time
  • Bleed Bash: Causes damage over time, and slows the enemy attacks and movement
  • Freeze Bash: Causes Freeze to a single target

Apprentice Mode

  • Option to enable/disable in the settings menu
  • While active, scores are not uploaded for Endless Adventures.
  • Auto Finishers: Attacking in the direction of an enemy in Knockdown automatically performs the finisher.
  • Auto Riposte: Successfully defending with Light or One-Handed Weapons automatically ripostes.
  • Weapon Charge: Weapon charge does not reset when hit in combat
  • Increased Damage: Weapons deal increased damage in combat

General Combat

  • Optional enemy health bars – available in the settings menu (recommended!)
  • Green and Red attack window consistency
  • Light (green) attacks can now be evaded

These are some of the obvious changes in the Hand of Fate 2: Combat Reforged update. The full list is available HERE. Which also includes an enemies, equipment and blessing re-balance. Marking a vast improvement in the gameplay.

Hand of Fate 2 is available on Steam and GOG. Priced at $29.99 USD for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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