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Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition releases (Linux)

interplanetary: enhanced edition releases via steam games for linux mac windows

Award-winning veteran games developer and international games label Team17 have a new release. Since independent developer Team Jolly Roger releases Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition. Which is now available to download for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam.

So the games successful release was back in 2015Interplanetary the sci-fi turn-based strategy artillery game for Linux, Mac and Windows. Where players develop their home planets and wage war with their massive artillery. While skirmishing against AI opponents in Single Player mode. Or challenging other players in battle via local and online multiplayer.

Since then team Jolly Roger has been working to add exciting new features to the game. So this addition of the Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition is made free to all current owners of the original release. While new players will be able to pick up the game for Linux, Mac and Windows at a nice discounted price. Which is more of a deal to be honest, since it releases with a 30% discount.

Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition Release Trailer:

Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition’s new features include:

  • Improved visuals and sound
  • Ability to add AI opponents to online games – the most requested feature by the fans!
  • New game balance plus Classic balance for existing players
  • New buildings and weapons, including a new superweapon!
  • Quick targeting mode
  • New intel mechanics, making the intel system more compelling and easier to learn
  • Enhanced multiplayer experience with improved functionality

Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition is out now and available for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. Since the games priced at just $14.99 / £10.99 / 14,99 €. Existing owners of Interplanetary will receive the new Enhanced Edition for Free.  So kudos to team Jolly Roger and Team17 for the Free updrade.

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