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Invisigun Reloaded stealth adventure releases

invisigun reloaded stealth adventure releases on linux mac windows pc

Invisigun Reloaded stealth adventure releases on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Sombr Studio. Which is available now on Humble Store and Steam.

The stealth battle adventure, Invisigun Reloaded, is now available. The developer also announces both the Mac and Windows PC release. However, since I own the game. I can confirm the native Linux release is live. Also available for Nintendo Switch, and Sony PlayStation 4.
This release expands upon its predecessor, Invisigun Heroes from 2017. While releasing new Switch and PC crossplay. Plus 12 heroes with unique abilities and 72 playable maps. Along with single-player campaigns for each hero. The game also scores a 92% Very Positive rating. Topping a list that included AAA and high-profile indie titles. So a must-have if you don’t already own Invisigun Reloaded.

Risk versus reward guides the player’s journey. Due to working your way through challenging the world. Both in local and online multiplayer, plus the full-length single player campaign. Environmental tells such as footprints, sounds, and other riots. While exposing opponents, as players hunt each other down to victory. A massive amount of deliciously made environments. Including maps, modes, and abilities. All obsessively balanced. Combining high replayability and a deep path to mastery.

Invisigun Reloaded – Launch Trailer

“I wanted to create something that was immediately approachable for casual party play. But also captures the ever evolving human ingenuity. As well as adaptability for the competitive scene,” says developer Shadi Muklashy, whose previous credits include 2012’s Hawken. “Something that resonated through all the convention demos. Players could be victorious through their creativeness alone. Defeating other players isn’t reliant on reflexes or twitch reactions. But can be achieved by planning and outsmarting them.”

Invisigun Reloaded stealth battle adventure available on linux too


  • Single Player Campaigns
    Challenge yourself in the Hero’s Journey of Invisigun Reloaded. Individually tailored hero campaigns. All full of puzzle rooms, skill challenges, and boss fights. The unique abilities have entire journeys. These are built to teach you to properly use that hero’s playstyle. All while the art of stealth and mastery of movement becomes second nature.
  • Battle Online
    Once you’ve honed your skills in the Hero’s Journey. Maybe defeating all of your friends. You’ll want to challenge the world! Online matchmaking, crossplay with the Linux, Mac and Windows PC community. Either public or private matches. These include join keys, allowing you to find a foe anytime, anywhere.
  • Choose your Main
    With 12 different heroes in Invisigun Reloaded. Each with their own unique ability. So there is a perfect strategy for every playstyle. From very sneaky to ruthlessly aggressive. You will find your favorite ability. And also shock your friends when you appear out of thin air. Surprising them all.
  • Competitive, Deep Hide and Seek
    Count your steps to find the perfect hiding spot. Likewise, wait for your foes to reveal themselves. Then pounce! While counterintuitive at first. Invisibility becomes your most versatile tool. Since this leads to intense moments of complete silence. Invisigun Reloaded’s core mechanics reward patience. As well as caution, trickery, and attention.
  • Easy to Learn, Tough to Master
    The depth is nearly unlimited with intentional baits, undetectable direction changes, powerup drops, and accidental bumps (that maynot be so accidental). The chess dance is infinite and evolving, and all of the deceit is only heightened by the fact that your opponents could be lurking ANYWHERE!

Invisigun Reloaded stealth adventure is available on Humble Store and Steam. Priced at $19.99 USD. So go ahead and play it now on Linux, Mac, Windows PC.

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