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MidBoss strategy roguelike RPG hits May 23rd

midboss strategy roguelike rpg coming may 23rd in linux gaming news

So the latest coming release is gaming news, MidBoss. Hence the #traditional roguelike, but the main character has a #possessingmechanic. All from developer #KitsuneGames. Coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam on May 23, 2017.

So besides including a possession mechanic. The game is loaded with a modern interface to set MidBoss apart. Hence creating a unique but traditional turn-based roguelike. So players take on the role of the imp. Which is the lowliest creature in the dungeon. But the advantage is, players can possess other creatures. While also learning their abilities through a quest, eventually becoming the dungeon’s final boss.


  • Possess your enemy and gain their strengths and skills.
  • 19 forms and over 60 abilities to unlock.
  • Randomly generated loot and equipment system.
  • Randomized potion system. (optional)
  • Traps as well as unidentified and cursed items
  • Dynamic music system that ups the musical excitement when enemies are about.
  • Quick Play mode for shorter, more condensed play sessions.
  • Custom Games so you can play the game exactly the way you want to.
  • Shareable death cards document your run and how it ended. Load these in the game for stats or to play using the same seed and settings.
  • Detailed tooltips.
  • Line of sight and fog of war systems.
  • Cratefish and balls of yarn currencies.
  • Randomly generated dungeon floors.
  • Several types of lootable containers and chests.
  • Single-file save and resume with permadeath.
  • Full options menu including key rebinding and resolution options.
  • Multiple monitor support and borderless windowed fullscreen.
  • Color-blind modes (deuteranopia, protanopia and tritanopia), optional high contrast font, and adjustable brightness.
  • 12 retro mode filters available in the options menu.


So when a player dies while gaming, a death card is generated with details about their gameplay. And since this includes what killed them, this is also made available to share on Twitter.
Some bigger news, any owners who redeem their keys. Can play MidBoss during the closed beta period, ending May 22, will receive an exclusive. A non-tradable Steam inventory item which can be selected in-game. Giving their death cards a platinum beta border.

“A lot of people have supported MidBoss’s development. Particularly since it was first prototyped for Ludum Dare in 2012. With almost 7,000 games played to date,” says Emma ‘Eniko’ Maassen, founder of Kitsune Games. “The platinum border, one of many borders we plan to make in the future. Hence our way of thanking our early adopters for their continued support.”

MidBoss is already available for Windows beta on for $14.99 USD. Hence the same price the game will be at launch on Steam. So therefore owners will be able to request Steam keys. Which can of course be activated immediately. Hence giving them a jump on the Steam closed beta. The beta will be Windows-only to start. Where Linux and Mac will follow.

So there you have it. Hence some intriguing gaming news about the coming release of roguelike RPG, MidBoss for Linux.

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