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MindSeize action gets a new support update

mindseize action gets a new support update for linux mac windows pc

MindSeize is new 2D action game for Windows PC, but we also have a support update for Linux and Mac. Thanks to developer Kamina Dimension. Who are due to release the metroidvania on Steam late this month.

MindSeize is a story-focused single-player 2D Metroidvania. All takingplace in sci-fi universe. While you, the player explores untamed planets and fights against a mysterious organization. Which is also stealing minds of innocent people for some reason.

MindSeize Trailer

Therefore, the Steam release date for the 2D action adventure game is closing in. Due to release on Steam January 30th. As for Linux support, “January 30th will only be Windows release and Linux/Mac will follow (hopefully) shortly after that.”
Since this will not be a day one launch. It’s a pleasure to see Kamina Dimension confirming support. And quite honestly, there are many in the community that will appreciate MindSeize. With a Switch release date to be announced later.


  • Over 10 hours of play time
  • Smooth and fast-paced combat and exploration
  • Dozens of different abilities, weapons and mods to upgrade your MAG with
  • Varied MindSeize gameplay: take a break to relax at your base ship and chat with the crew
  • Original sci-fi world: explore 4 unique planets, each with their own sub-areas and secrets to find
  • Deeper story than usual for the genre, written by a professional screenwriter
  • Beautifully hand-animated 16bit-esque pixel graphics
  • Amazing, atmospheric, yet addictive soundtrack and punchy sound effects

To give you an idea about the MindSeize gameplay. Think of Metroid Fusion mixed with Mega Man X. The game been in development for over two years. Partially funded by Kickstarter last year. The developer is now putting the finishing touches to it. Readying for a release later this month. The game will release on Steam with a price of $19.99 USD. So be sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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