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Mirror Forge psychological horror to get a port

mirror forge psychological horror to get a port for linux and mac coming with windows pc

Mirror Forge psychological horror to get a port for Linux and Mac coming with Windows PC. All thanks to the work and development of MystiveDev. Due to make its way onto Steam this fall.

Mirror Forge is an upcoming, first-person Silent Hill/Stranger Things inspired psychological horror game. Due to release September 29th, 2022 currently for Windows PC. It is in development by “MystiveDev” – a full-time solo developer. Where you roam between realities of fear, madness, and machinery. Solve puzzles, explore an atmospheric world, and survive horrifying entities. Which offers a deep storyline where your choices matter.

Reaching out to MystiveDev via email, they already have plans for offer Mirror Forge on Linux.

Mirror Forge uses Unreal Engine 4 and yes, it will definitely be ported for Linux too.
Currently, it’s only for PC, but it will be ported also for Mac and Linux very soon.

MystiveDev also aim to bring Mirror Forge consoles too. Ideally the Steam Deck, that will not be until after the launch.
But even playing the game Demo via Proton, it looks fantastic on Linux. You have to check it out if you’re a horror fan.

MystiveDev also points out, “the level & environment design, the characters, whether good or evil, are all symbolically designed to reflect the main protagonist’s inner turmoil.”

Mirror Forge is also seeing playtime by 250+ content creators so far. The developer points out that the game just surpassed 4100+ Wishlists on Steam. The newly released trailer shows new features of the full game. While revealing that there will be new core mechanics such as: going through mirrors to traverse between dimensions. As well as using ancient artifacts to reveal “moments frozen in time”, semi-open world settings and chase scenarios.

And be sure to check out the trailer, I dare you.

Mirror Forge – Silent Hill Inspired Horror Game

In Mirror Forge, you play Thomas Jackson, an ordinary man who (2 years ago) drinks too much and crashes his car into a tree. While putting his girlfriend Jill in a coma and losing their baby. A few months after that, the Covid pandemic starts and he loses his job. Depressed, he tries to commit suicide.

Although, you might think everything’s happening in his head. A paper found in the game reveals that there was some strange experiment where the Mirror Forge exploded. While shattering space and time, tearing the multiverse apart. Then, something came from the Outside, an omnipresent force that feeds on people’s darkest fears. It also twists reality to face them with their inner demons.

If you wish to try Mirror Forge, check out the free demo on Steam. You can also support the project by Wishlisting the game.

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