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Next Up Hero Beta launch and Steam release

next up hero beta launch and steam early access release for linux mac windows

Next Up Hero is the first original game from Digital Continue coming to Linux, Mac and Windows, set to release on Steam Early Access. The games developer is founded by Joe Tringali. Who is the co-founder of 5TH Cell, creators of ScribblenautsLock’s Quest and Drawn to Life.

Noteworthy points about Next Up Hero:

  • The beta will run until January 11. At that time…
  • Next Up Hero will launch on Steam Early Access on January 11.
  • If you choose to purchase Early Access, all your stats, progress, and in-game currency from the beta will carry over!
  • All beta users who choose to purchase Earl Access receive 50 percent discount.

Next Up Hero for Linux?

“Early Access will be Windows only.

Linux is targeted for full release in the Spring with consoles and Mac”

So this is the official word from Aspyr Media. Therefore eager Linux gamers can expect to see a native release at the games full launch. Which is somewhat of a surprise for Aspyr. But given the delay releasing Civilization VI on Linux, it’s quality over quantity. And of course what quite often happens for Early Access games, Windows only. And since the game engine is Unity 3D, Linux gamers will have to opt for Wine. That is if you choose too.

Next Up Hero is an impossibly-hard 2D action game. Which is the creation of Community Continue. Taking inspiration from lost childhoods spent at the arcade in which best friends. Hence taking turns to beat unfairly difficult games. Therefore Next Up Hero was created so that beating a level is a shared victory. And more fun than playing on your own.

Choose from nine Legendary Heroes with an assortment of weapons and abilities to suit your playstyle, from swords and rocket launchers to laser turrets, bongo drums and boomerangs. When enough heroes have achieved enough feats of greatness, the Champion Trial will be unlocked, the most punishing ventures created by Digital Continue’s own level designers that that require community communication and teamwork if you hope to even stand a chance.

Next Up Hero Early Access Trailer (Windows, Mac, Linux)

  • Community Continue – Engage in a cutting edge style of cooperative play. Where beating community ventures is a shared achievement. And more fun than playing on your own.
  • Champion Trials – The toughest ventures yet. Unlocked only when the community has proven it is ready. To have any chance of survival, you must work together as a community to solve puzzles, defeat impossible bosses, and unlock new rewards. You will probably die.
  • Spotlight Ventures and Leaderboards – Compete with the community in daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards! Play in ventures with your favorite streamers, or join celebrities in exclusive VIP ventures!
  • Customized Heroes – Defeat monsters and steal their abilities. Combine monster attacks, character skins, and Ancient abilities for thousands of deadly potential loadouts!
  • Choose Your Own Achievement – Customize your next goal using a Mad Lib style journal system. Complete those goals to earn the Grand Tokens necessary to gain entry into the deadly Champion Trial.

Steam release:

So as stated above, expect to see Next Up Hero on Steam Early Access. The games set to release on January 11, 2018 for Windows. While Linux and Mac will be available at full release in the Spring. So if you want to play soon, this will mean having to run the game in Wine or PlayOnLinux.

Also, if you are looking for a Steam key. Message me on Discord.

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