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Plague update releases for MachiaVillain

plague update releases for machiavillain on linux mac windows pc for COVID-19 relief

Plague update releases for MachiaVillain on Linux, Mac and Windows PC for COVID-19 relief. Thanks to independent video game developer Wild Factor. You can also grab the game with a 75% discount on Humble Store and Steam. Regular price on GOG.

Wild Factor is eager to announce the release of a new Plague update. Available now for its evil mansion management and strategy game, MachiaVillain.

The team has also decided to donate all Wild Factor’s May profits from the sale of MachiaVillain. So they can help organizations fighting COVID-19.

Plague update

MachiaVillain’s latest update – the plague update. This gives users a survival kit. Which also includes toilet paper, a medical mask, and hand sanitizer. So that gameplay takes part in these difficult times. You can now get food poisoning if you eat food that went bad. So be sure to keep your human flesh fresh!

Inspired by classic horror movie tropes and games like Dungeon Keeper. The Plague update adds to MachiaVillain. Which is also known for letting users build the macabre mansions of their dreams. Assemble a menagerie of monsters and set deadly traps. While you lure your next door mortals inside for your minions to feast upon. Use leftover dismembered body parts and other environmental resources to craft new items and keep the manor safe from supernatural creatures and wily monster hunters.

MachiaVillain – Launch Trailer


  • Build the evil mansion of your nightmares ! create the perfect crypt for your vampire, the insanest lab for your mad scientist, an irresistible swimming pool for your victims (and your shark) and don’t forget the kitchen !
  • Raise your pick of monsters and creatures, and feed them delicious, crunchy victims !
  • Look out for horror movies references everywhere. Beside the Plague update, cliché rules. Also famous creatures, well known visitors, catchphrases.
  • Slaughter innocent victims ! and bankers !

Therefore, you will want to check out the Plague update right now. Plus you can buy the game with a 75% discount on Humble Store and Steam. Regular price on GOG. So you can take your part in helping support COVID-19 relief. Will builds for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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