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Rival Threads : Last Class Heroes – The Final Push

Studio Kontrabida is an art studio first and a game development studio second. Meaning “Last Class Heroes” is meant to be an introduction to Rival Threads, a world we’d like to be able to continue through different forms of media: games, short stories, comics/manga and animation.

Rival Threads: Last Class Heroes is a 2D side scrolling action role playing game. The concept of the Rival threads universe, in both the video game and the general fictional world, stems from the idea of controlling a Marionette with superhuman capabilities.

The game will come out for mobile devices first, followed shortly by the Mac and PC versions with higher resolution graphics, remastered audio and a different control system.

We hope you like what you see and even if you can’t back the project, tell your friends. 😉

Knight Hunter is a Mac, PC & Linux, Driving Shooter

In a time when the line between law and lawlessness was blurred and sometimes nonexistent, bootlegging, gambling and terror consumed the streets, until one man took the law into his own hands. With no rules, no mercy and no regrets, he is a shadow in the dark without restraint or mercy. He discreetly developed advanced weapon systems and vehicle technology to fight back silently and change the world. A myth of his time and a legend to the future, his identity only a silhouette of hope, he was and is… “The Hunter of the Night”.

Knight Hunter gives you the tools and it’s up to you to blow up anything that moves or stick to the shadows to get the job done!

Support Indie Game Developers Kicking it Forward.

Super Retro Squad

Super Retro Squad is a 2D platformer that features characters inspired by classic video game characters. These characters will feature unique gameplay, but their core will be based on the originals. This way, you get something old and something new, and it’s all combined together for a fresh, fun experience.

The game will feature 40+ levels that will be spanned across 8 worlds. Each world will be based on one of the characters, so there will be plenty of variety found in the environments and enemies. There will also be an equipment and upgrade system that will allow you to customize your character’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. We also plan on tying everything together with a cool story that will be explained through dialog and cut scenes.

This truly will be a fun project to both play and work on, and we believe our team is strong enough to pull it off. Please show your support and become a part of the project by helping us out!

Fall of Eternity

Fall of Eternity is a backwards RPG for Windows, OSX, and Linux.

After the successful campaign for Commander^3, some friends and I decided to tackle a significantly more ambitious project this time.

Wizard Box Games has tripled in size, to three employees, since the launch of Commander 3. In order to make this game, we will need a little over one year of development time.

For an in-depth look at your stats and skills for this game, check it out here.

Alpha Colony: A Tribute to M.U.L.E.

Alpha Colony: A Tribute to M.U.L.E. is a family-friendly economic video game, similar to SimCity or Civilization, combining the Settlers of Catan board game with the historic M.U.L.E. video game, all playable on your favorite desktop or mobile device.

In this Kickstarter, DreamQuest Games are offering BOTH a faithful remake of the classic for mobile platforms (with an iOS or Combo pledge of $25 or more) and a modern tribute for mobile and desktop platforms. You get to choose: play the award-winning original untouched, or play the inspired update with similarities to Settlers of Catan and Civilization!

“Z.” – A Revolutionary Zombies-Versus-Survivors Card Game

Z. is a zombies-versus-survivors downloadable trading card game best described as “Magic: The Gathering meets The Walking Dead” (and Left 4 Dead, and Dawn of the Dead, and Highschool of the Dead, and pretty much anything with “Dead” in the title). Are you a zombie, or are you a survivor? Choose your side!

Z. comes in two flavors: digital and a Kickstarter-exclusive physical boxed edition, but you can get both of them with a single pledge.

Tiny Cthulhu

Are you puzzled by the lack of 3D platform games for PC, Mac, and/or Linux…?
Are you further bemused by the lack of games that blend 3D platforming and 3rd-person-shooting together with Jazz-Age-pulp-inspired Eldritch Abomination from beyond this cosmos and angled space itself…?
Of course you are. We ALL are.

‘Tiny Cthulhu’ is an upcoming game for PC/Mac/Linux from developer THEORY32.

With your support, we can shake the sanity of the overly-cute-yet-somehow-disturbing-platform-game-playing world!

After two years of development, the game is now at the ‘playable demo’ stage, but cries out to be extended into a full universe of sanity-shattering abnormalities.


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