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Resort Boss: Golf simulator coming in August

boss golf simulator coming in august for linux mac windows games

Resort Boss: Golf is a Golf Resort Simulator coming to Linux, Mac and Windows games. Releasing via Steam. Where players are tasked with managing the resort. Also building up the golf courses, keeping golfers happy and, of course, play a lot of golf.

While in Resort Boss: Golf, you will take charge of your very own Golf Resort. That and also making the best resort in the world.

So this means building challenging courses. Creating amazing landscapes. Managing the support staff. Since your aim is to attract golfers from around the globe.

Host and play golf tournaments. Take the decisions necessary to bring your golf resort to the top. And attract the very coveted VIP golfers!.

Resort Boss: Golf simulator Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Gameplay focuses on three gamplay features:

  • Management
    Running a successful Golf Resort requires a lot of management skills. So players will be taking care of day-to-day and long-term planning for their resort. Ranging from who to hire and which company to undertake a construction job. Also regulating course fees and balancing the resort budget. Resort Boss: Golf also includes arranging tournaments, and more!
  • Building
    A keen sense of landscaping and design will be very valuable for players when it comes to building up their Golf Resort. Careful decision regarding the shape of the hole, layout of the path network. Also the placement of amenities, quality of the materials, and environmental concerns. Everything will have to be made in order for the resort. While you work in succeeding to attracting the best players in the country. And keeping them happy in Resort Boss: Golf.
  • Playing
    Players themselves will have the opportunity to play through their own holes through a very simple but deep golf gameplay system. Not only their own holes: players will be able to tour the world and play in resorts created by the AI or by other players, and experience the best, and worst, courses around the globe! Tournament play is also planned to allow for players to compete against each other online

Steam release:

Resort Boss: Golf is coming to Steam Early Access this August for Linux, Mac and Windows. Although we do not have a specific release date yet. The games looking rather detailed and an interesting simulator.

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