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Ruinarch evil overlord eventually porting

Ruinarch evil overlord game eventually porting to linux mac windows pc

Ruinarch evil overlord simulator game is coming to Windows PC, then eventually to Linux. Thanks to developer Maccima Games and publisher Squeaky Wheel Studio. Due to release this spring on Steam Early Access.

Ruinarch is an evil overlord simulator. Due to release in Early Access this May. But only slated for Windows PC. At least until reaching out to Maccima Games.

We use Unity for Ruinarch’s development. We only have a Windows version for our Steam early access launch in early 2020. But we are definitely open to eventually porting it to others. Including Linux, Mac and hopefully other consoles.

Since we are way ahead of the Ruinarch release. It’s a pleasure to see Unity 3D in the mix. And the developers plan to eventually port to Linux is even better. Seeing Maccima will be starting on Early Access after all. And keeping platform support within reason is far more ideal. Then branching out to capture more of the market.
That being said, I’m also rather hopefully for Proton support. But we won’t know until May.

Ruinarch Gameplay Trailer

Ruinarch is a simulation sandbox game. Which gives the player various wicked tools to play with. Including a randomly generated fantasy world. So expect fun things like casting tornadoes, meteors, and lightning. And also poison clouds or summoning demons. Maybe even a few monsters and ordering them to raid villages. Then plaguing civilians with various curses. Such as Vampirism, Lycanthropy or even a Zombie Virus.

Besides Ruinarch being a devilishly fun simulation game. This is the result of a procedural story generation. You are an evil demon overlord creating havoc and invading fantasy worlds. And as such you have a rich and fertile land that lies before you. Which also happens to be ripe for the picking. As you take over regions one by one. Spreading your control naturally towards the heart of the kingdom. While you turn heroic defenders into pitiful wretches. Simply by unleashing an array of demonic spells upon them. Creating your own hellish story for the ages.

Weaving tales of misery and woe are central to Ruinarch. You could simply summon a pack of wolves to attack the region. But a true evil overlord toys with his prey first. While turning the local village idiot into a cultist. And one who secretly works on your behalf. Then watch as he eagerly turns the tables on the villagers who mock him. Inflicting the local hero with lycanthropy. While his once loyal followers turn on him with the full moon. Or if you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to be creative. Just start a zombie apocalypse. Sometimes the classics are the best.

Each playthrough generates a random fantasy world. So you can take over different worlds. While offering various options for you to exploit, shape and corrupt. Since the game comes with unlimited replayability.


  • Generate an infinite number of procedural fantasy worlds
  • Invade elven villages, human towns, and bandit camps. As well as ancient ruins, monster lairs, and much more!
  • Build demonic structures in Ruinarch. All with various world corrupting capacity
  • Summon minions and recruit cultists to assist in world domination
  • Unleash powerful spells, dangerous monsters and mystical artifacts. Lay havoc to the world and watch the mayhem unfold
  • Fracture the kingdom into multiple competing subfactions. So you can weaken them from inside
  • Wipe out the world’s defenders. Each one equipped with complex AI. While taking into account its needs, traits and relationships.

Ruinarch is currently planned for full release in 2021. But due to release on Early Access in May. Priced at $19.99 USD. Along with Linux support. So all the more reason to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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