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Sentris rhythm puzzle music game hits Alpha 2 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


In case you missed the original post, Sentris is a #rhythm puzzle #musiccreation type game that looks a bit like Simon a classic #game from the 80’s.  The trailer shows a unique game that seems strange and abstract in all the best ways. While Sentris is currently on Steam Early Access, Timbre Interactive just published Alpha 2.

Here are the changes, including several new features:

  • Tutorial
  • “Preview Block” Button
  • Four new Synthesizer voices
  • Selectable synthesizers on any level
  • Minor key signatures
  • Major Linux/SteamOS performance improvements
  • New colors for the Bamboo Forest background

Your game should update automatically when Steam is running. Please take a look, especially since Sentris has a much-needed tutorial, which makes the gameplay that much more compelling. Giving the player a chance to really feel out the release and get used to the functionality.
Of course we here at Linux Game News have been playing Sentris using an xbox 360 controller, functionality works nicely. And the controller is integrated into the tutorial, which works seamlessly on Linux.

Sentris is also an official selection at Indiecade, Timbre Interactive will be giving a performance of the title during Night Games. It will also be running at the Ouya booth during the day. So do say hello to Samantha Kalman, the mad scientist and developer behind the inventive indie title.


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