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Tenderfoot Tactics tactics RPG releases on Steam

tenderfoot tactics open world tactics rpg lets you game on linux mac windows pc via steam release

Tenderfoot Tactics open world tactics RPG lets you game on Linux, Mac and Windows PC via the Steam release. Thanks to developer Badru. Which is now live with a discount and Positive reviews on Steam.

Tenderfoot Tactics also happens to boast an excellent original soundtrack. A wholly unique style is the perfect blend of tactical RPG and open world exploration. Coming a very simple yet effective art style.

The archipelago you’ve called home is threatened by the terrible Fog. One vast, voiceless, and cruel spirit that has been eating the once thick forests of the mainland. So now it’s up to you and your party of goblin adventurers in Tenderfoot Tactics. With the help of magic granted to you by the friendly spirits of the archipelago. Since you can fight back the fog and save the many goblin towns of the rocky coast. While exploring the lands, discovering the truth of the Fog, and put an end to it.

Tenderfoot Tactics Release Trailer

Featuring a deterministic combat system with no miss chances or damage ranges. Tenderfoot Tactics is a tactical RPG inspired by the classics of the genre. While fusing with the best elements of open world exploration games. Coming with a picturesque, low-poly island setting.
Now due to add a new keybind menu plus a new game and challenge modes. You can check out the upcoming changes in the update plans post.


  • Explore the archipelago to your heart’s content, finding surprises along the way
  • No damage ranges or miss chances: each attack makes a predicted amount of damage, so plan accordingly
  • Evolve and customise your goblins, granting them different abilities. Each goblin is unique, try out different party combinations
  • Manipulate the elements to turn the battlefield to your advantage, but beware the consequences, as nature is complex and fickle.

Tenderfoot Tactics is available at 10% off on Steam. Priced at $22.49 USD. The open world tactics RPG also has 10% off the bundle. While including the game game and OST. With support for the game on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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