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The Universim extraterrestrial update is live

the universim extraterrestrial update is live in linux mac windows pc games

The Universim aliens have landed in the games extraterrestrial update on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Crytivo. And the games still holding an 84% Very Positive review score on Steam. There is also a nice discount too.

The Universim new extraterrestrial update is live. The games also discounted on Steam as well. There are good things happening. Unless of course you’re a Nugget. Since aliens could be destroying building. Also kidnapping Nuggets and animals. Check out the games full post on Steam.

The Universim Extraterrestrial Update detail:

  • Alien Visits
    As Nuggets edge ever closer to the stars. Extraterrestrial life forms are also taking notice. So prepare for surprise visitors in UFO. As well as whatever details these events may bring. This is only the first contact in The Universim. So expect to see more in a future update.
  • Nug-made Disasters
    Nuggets have never been very competent at anything. And now it’s going to come with a cost. If uneducated Nuggets are assigned to a position beyond their means. There may be unpleasant results. So we’re talking fires, explosions and chemical disasters.
  • Modern Bunker
    An improvement to The Universim Bunkers. This also adds a new layer of comfort and protection. And a great place to take shelter from a disaster. Or to Nugflix and chill.
  • Carbon Factory
    A whole load of fancy tech stuff takes place behind these doors. Nuggets (well, mostly machines) are hard at work. Molding components and materials in The Universim. Anything required to take the next step into space.

the universim extraterrestrial update carbon factory screenshot

  • Leaning Tower
    A familiar tower is now available to be discovered and built. It’s a little askew. But that also makes it unique.
  • Desert Rose
    Welcome to The Universim world’s most luxurious resort. Also made from the finest materials. Complete with 24-carat gold inlay on the walls. So there is no expense spared in its construction.

The Universim is certainly shaping up. The Extraterrestrial Update also offers significant changes. Plus a 20% discount in the Steam Sale. Thankfully playable on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

the universim extraterrestrial update leaning tower screenshot

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