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The Universim hits Early Access on August 28th

the universim coming to early access in august for linux mac windows games

The Universim the strategy management games releasing on Steam Early Access, August 28th for Linux, Mac, Windows.
Crytivo have also come a long way and eager to have more people try it out.

This gives Crytivo more time to work on exciting new content. While polishing all of the systems before the big day. Apparently the team has a few surprises simmering on the stove already. These are new additions to the game that players will appreciate.

How to get Steam Early Access Keys

Everyone who purchased The Universim via the Crytivo Store for $35 USD. Also Kickstarter backers can activate their keys on Steam. Since they are available in the My Games section of the Crytivo Store.
If you have any issues finding it or come across other problems, do not hesitate to contact the support team.

The Universim Pumpkin Patch Overview (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The Universim Steam Page

This is an unbelievably massive milestone, since this this is Crytivo’s first game. Since the team is investing a crazy amount of love and passion into the project. Also rescheduling the initial Kickstarter release dates. Giving more more time to improve the game.

The Universim gameplay already feels like it’s alive and full of character. Once some issues get patches, getting ready for the prime time. Expect greater improvements.

Crytivo also knows how sensitive the Steam community is to Early Access titles. And hope not to fall victim in being judged too soon. So LGC is  spreading the word about the official release date.
Knock on the door of your favorite streamer/influencer. Throw out some Tux Love via gaming blogs. Even sharing The Universim with friends.

The Crytivot team are proud to have such a strong and loving Linux community. So they all thank everyone for the support. And inlcuding the helped throughout the years. Thanks for being a part of the Crytivo family.

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