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Victor Vran celebrates Halloween with new Pumpkin revenge content

victor cran celebrates halloween with new pumpkin level linux mac windows pc

For one night each year, when the sky is darkest and the stars are right, a doorway opens to a #sinister #dimension. The place where the tables are turned, the #pumpkins hunt the hunters and even the bravest may end up cooked into a pie.

Are you ready to take revenge on the ever-grinning orange vegetables and squish some squash? ActionRPG Victor Vran gives you the chance to smash some mash in its brand new Secret Pumpkin Level – 100% cow & unicorn-free.

Stand your ground against the legion of festive pumpkinhead monsters, as you chip, batter and shoot your way through the demonic members of the cucurbit family until you meet their master: The PumpKing!

To enter the new area, you will need a special key – a slice of pumpkin pie. On the All-Hallows-Eve, each hunter will be given several slices of the pie, which will become a rare drop once Halloween meets its conclusion.

If Victor Vran manages to end the reign of The PumpKing, he will be rewarded with a new gift box that can include rare demon souls currency, or even legendary weapons.

To celebrate Halloween, Victor Vran will also be on a huge discount during the whole Halloween Sale on Steam. Also check out the Halloween-Sale on, where action RPG is also frighteningly cheap for a limited time. Keep in mind though, all DLC content for Victor Vran is free.

Keep up to date with Victor Vran and all things spooky on Facebook and on the official website.

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