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Wargroove 2 co-op strategy aims at Deck

wargroove 2 turn-based co-op strategy game aims at linux via steam deck with windows pc

Wargroove 2 turn-based co-op strategy game aims at Linux via Steam Deck with Windows PC. Thanks to further details from developers Robotality and Chucklefish. Due to fighting its way onto Steam.

Chucklefish and Robotality are working on a sequel to their widely celebrated project Wargroove. The next up is Wargroove 2, which you will be able to play via Steam Deck with Windows PC. Here are some details from the Robotality email reply.

Regarding porting it to Linux: We plan to support the Steam Deck via the Proton Layer and want to make sure that it runs on that device without flaws. We have currently no direct plan for a native Linux port as Proton made it pretty much not needed anymore.

I know that some Linux fans are strong believers in native ports. But I think Proton is a great compromise in most cases and with games like Wargroove 2 that are not hardware intensive it is just as good as a native port if not better.

So, the engine that Robotality is using for Wargroove 2 is an open source tool, Halley. This is also the creation of Rodrigo Monteiro, who is the top tech guy at Chucklefish. Halley is a tool written in C++, which is specially designed to be light and easy to use. And if you’re keen, you can find it on GitHub.
The same tool was used in the making of Wargroove 1 (Proton). Since it worked really well, the developers are sticking with it for the sequel, Wargroove 2. In fact, they use Halley for many of our other projects at Chucklefish.

Wargroove 2 – Announcement Trailer

Now, here is what is exciting about Wargroove 2. The turn-based co-op strategy game is due to have the same beautiful, classic pixel art style as the original. It’s also going to challenge your strategic thinking with turn-based battles.

The turn-based co-op strategy story this time around takes place in Aurania, where a new group is up to no good. They’ve discovered ancient and powerful relics that could change everything. We don’t know yet what their intentions are, but we do know they’re aiming high. You’ll join this adventure and go head to head using your tactics.

The Wargroove 2 gameplay itself sees an upgrade. You’ll meet new Commanders with their own unique skills, thanks to a fresh Groove system. Plus, there are 3 new story lines that will keep you on the edge of your seat and bring everything together in an intense finale.

You can even play Wargroove 2 in co-op with friends, both in shared split screen and online. You can also team up or go against each other in PvP, with up to 4 players.

And there’s also a new mode called ‘Conquest’. It’s a bit like a story that changes each time you play it, adding a new layer of fun.

In addition, there are 5 new types of units you can learn to use. All due to boost your regular units’ abilities by picking up special items.

Map Editor

Finally, Wargroove 2 has new tools to make your own maps, campaigns, and even movie-like sequences. The music is by Dale North, who wrote some fine tunes for Nintendo eShop, Disney’s Wish Park and Cruise experience, and more.

The Wargroove 2 turn-based co-op strategy sequel is in the hands of Robotality, a German team known for their turn-based RPG’s. They’ve been working with Chucklefish for a while, creating Halfway and Pathway. Now, they are trusted with leading Wargroove’s next chapter and infusing it with their unique perspective.

So, it’s safe to say we can look forward to something fantastic in Wargroove 2. Due to makes its way onto Steam Deck with Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. The release date is still TBD.

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